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Rule 1. These rules may be added to or changed by a 2/3 majority of the voting members in good standing present and voting. These rules are unique to the Tennessee Valley Kennel Club. Inc., and are not subject to the approval of any other body as long as they are not in contradiction to the Constitution and Bylaws of the American Kennel Club.

Rule 2. All standing rules are to be accepted for a minimum of a one year period, after which they may be changed or deleted.


  1. Approximately fourteen months before a dog show, the Board of Directors shall appoint a Show Chair. Such Chair shall appoint his committee of four or more active members, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

  2. Two Judges Committees shall be elected; One for Conformation, Obedience, and Rally, and One for agility and any other performance events. The two committees to coordinate when and if necessary.

  3. The conformation, Obedience and Rally committee is to be composed of 5 voting members in good standing with the TVKC. All members to be appointed by the Board, One of which shall be appointed as Chairman.

  4. The conformation, obedience and Rally selection committee shall meet as needed to carry out their duties.

  5. The Conformation, Obedience and Rally judges selection meeting shall work in accordance with our companion cluster club to hire judges that fall within the clusters adopted guidelines for hiring judges.

  6. In some situations the Conformation, Obedience, and Rally judges selection committee may in accordance with cluster guidelines hire some judges no more than two years out, when agreed upon with our cluster partner. Under no conditions should judges be hired more than two years out. This because our cluster contract is a two year continuing contract with our companion club as well as changes in the economy and the unpredictability of possible health, age and other issues that might affect our panels.

  7. The agility and performance judges committee shall be comprised of three voting members in good standing with the TVKC.

  8. The Agility and Performance Judges committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors, One of which shall be appointed Chairman.

  9. The Agility and Performance Judges committee shall use the same contract as the conformation judges selection committee, and should also follow the guideline for hiring judges.

  10. The Agility and Performance Judges committee may select judges up to a maximum of two years in advance of the event.

  11. In all events a copy of all signed judges contracts must be provided in advance of the planned event to the Treasurer.

   B. Benevolence Committee

The club through the Benevolence Committee will provide flowers in cases of the hospitalization of a member of the club. Flowers or a memorial donation will be sent upon the death of a member or the death of a members spouse, parents, or children. The benevolence committee will send a card of sympathy or get-well wishes for all other illness, hospitalization, or in cases of death of relatives, etc.


The club shall continue to sponsor a Club Website. It will be the responsibility of the various club officers, committee members, and AKC delegate to provide the Web Master with Up to date reports, minutes and information on the happenings within the club.


Dues will not be accepted for the ensuing year until all outstanding debts owed to the club are paid.


  1. Members in good standing may receive an award for title(s) finished in a calendar year. The breeder shall receive a certificate and the owner shall receive a plaque. Only one plaque shall be awarded per dog at the clubs expense.

  2. Members may have the option to choose between an individual plaque or an engraved nameplate.

  3. A photo copy of the Dogs title certificate must be supplied to the awards chairman prior to the accepted deadline needed to have them ready for the Annual Awards presentation.


  1. TVKC members shall have priority on choosing trophy sponsorship. Non-members are welcome to sponsor trophies in categories not taken by members. Non-Members MUST provide payment when pledged.

  2. The Show Trophy Chairperson is to bill trophy sponsors within 30 days of contact of the pledge. Trophy chair is responsible to provide the Treasurer with a copy of all pledges and payments. If the trophy pledge has not been paid prior to premium list submission, the trophy sponsors name will be deleted from the listings.

  3. Any trophy donated to the TVKC shall become the clubs property.


The club shall not be conducted or operated for profit. No part of the Net Profit, remainder from dues or donations to the club shall benefit any member or individual.

However, a club member may receive payments for goods and services that are considered a part of his or her normal business activities as long as such payments do not exceed the normal payment for such services.

Members may also be reimbursed for club and board approved expenses when proper receipts are provided to the Treasurer.


These Standing Rules were revised / amended and approved by vote of the Tennessee Valley Kennel Club, Inc at the meeting of September 20, 2011

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