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Thank you for your interest in joining our club.

As one of the most active kennel clubs in the state, the Tennessee Valley Kennel Club provides a wide range of activities for owners and their dogs.  Our most popular activities include conformation showing and trials for agility, rally, and obedience.  Many of our members are also involved in herding, tracking, lure coursing, and therapy.   All activities welcome purebred dogs and MANY activities now are open to mixed breeds registered with the AKC Canine Partner Program.   You can keep up with current events and club activities by visiting our club's home page.  

Our club requires prospective members to (a) be sponsored by TWO CLUB MEMBERS in good standing and (b) to be approved for membership by a MAJORITY OF CLUB MEMEBERS.

So, your first step is to come to a meeting, attend an event, or register for one of our training classes.  This way, you can get to know us, and we can get to know you.  If you are still interested in joining, here is how the process works:

  1. Review our Constitution, By-Laws  and Code of Ethics so you can learn more about our club's objectives and how we operate.  It is important that you understand and agree with these principles.
  2. Ask two club members to be your sponsors.  If you are a new acquaintance, or new to the dog world, don't be surprised if they ask some questions to get to know you better.  They may even ask to visit you at your home.  We want to get to know you, so we can be sure that you agree with our values and are willing to be an active member in our club.
  3. Fill out our Membership Application Form.  You can get a copy at a club meeting or you can download the form from our website.  -->> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.
  4. Bring your completed Membership Application Form with you to a club meeting and turn it in to a club officer.  You should also bring a check to our Membership dues.  (Your check will be held pending completion of the membership approval process.  Dues are described below.)  We will provide you with some introductory information about the club and add your email to our  monthly communications.
  5. Your application will be reviewed by the club membership during the NEXT TWO CLUB MEETINGS YOU ATTEND.
  6. After the second review, our members will take a formal vote for acceptance.

Our club meets at 7 pm each third Tuesday of each month.  Location    We hope you will visit us soon! 

DUES: General membership dues are $25 with Junior memberships (under 18 years old) $5.  Lifetime and Honorary members pay no dues. 

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