Promoting all breeds of purebred dogs
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Name and Objects

Section 1. Name

The Name of the club shall be Tennessee Valley Kennel Club Incorporated.

Section 2. Objects

The Objects of the club shall be:

  1. To further the advancement of all breeds of pure-bred dogs.

  2. To do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of dog shows, obedience trials, rally trials, and agility trials.

  3. To encourage sportsmanlike competition at such events as mentioned in Object B and to conduct sanctioned matches, dog shows, obedience and rally trials, agility trials, and any other events for which the club is eligible under the Rules and Regulations of the American Kennel Club.

  4. To promote the education of the general public and the dog fancy in general with regard to Responsible Dog Ownership, Ethical Breeding practices, Canine Good Citizenship, and to be a solid and contributing member of our community.

Section 3.

The club shall not be conducted or operated for profit. No part of any profits or remainder from dues or donations to the club shall inure to the benefit of any member or individual.

Section 4.

The members of the club shall adopt and may, from time to time, revise such bylaws as may be required to carry out these objects.

Revised and approved by the members of the Tennessee Valley Kennel Club, Inc at its meeting of October 18, 2011.


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