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Introduction to Rally
DOGRally Obedience is a relatively new sport offered by AKC clubs around the country. It's fun in itself, and it's a great way to get started in companion events like agility and regular obedience. Like agility, the course design is different every day, so there are new challenges each time. And like obedience it involves a close working relationship between handler and dog with an emphasis on heeling.

But entry-level Rally (the Novice class) is different from those other events, because you have your dog on leash the whole time, and you can speak and gesture freely. A team moves through the course at their own speed. As it says on the AKC website, "Handlers are permitted to talk, praise, encourage, clap their hands, pat their legs, or use any verbal means of encouragement." That should make you (even if you're brand new to handling) feel more relaxed about competing with your dog in public. For experienced handlers with new dogs, it's a great way to give your dog confidence as he or she enters the world of competitive dog sports.

For more info on getting started in AKC Rally, go to: Getting Started in Rally

Videos:  52 Rally Sign demosCall Front ExercisesLeft About turn

Rally Videos: (by RallyJudge, Ruthann McCaulley, Author of Doodle by Design, the Comprehensive Guide to Rally Obedience              
               Part 1
Taking Charge of Your Performance in the Ring
               Part 2 Making the Most of Your Performance in the Ring
               Part 3 Novice Front Calls
               Part 4 Making The Most of Your Performance in the Ring (more exercises)
               Footwork Useful for Rally Obedience 

AKC RALLY SIGNS: Descriptions and Symbols for Rally Signs Exercises that may be used in Novice, Advanced and Excellent Classes

Rally Obedience (AKC):  Novice #1-31 / Advanced #1-45 / Excellent #1-50

Rulebook:  Obedience Regulations (Amended to August 8, 2011)
                 Obedience Judges’ Guidelines (Amended to August 8, 2011)
                 The Steward in Obedience  (Amended to January 1, 2011)
                 Rally Regulations, Rally Judges’ Guidelines, & The Steward in Rally Rally Signs and Descriptions (Amended to January 1, 2011)

Rulebook Inserts:  Green: Effective Aug 8, 2011
             Purple:  Effective:  Sept. 1, 2011

AKC Rally Cards (A
ll classes):  These are business-card format rally signs with exercise descriptions on the back.    AKC Signs     AKC Descriptions

 Beginning Rally Course: 5-week intro course held in a small (35' x 45') room. 


rally-week2.pdf rally-week2_REV1.pdf

rally-week3.pdf rally-week3_rev2.pdf,

rally-week4.pdf,  rally-week4A.pdf,  rally-week4A_rev1.pdf

rally-week5a.pdf,   rally-week5b.pdf


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