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This past week the TVKC lost a long time, valuable, and well respected member with the sudden loss of Roberto Jimenez. Roberto’s passing was unexpected and we will all miss his warm smile and his passion and dedication for the TVKC and the sport of pure-bred dogs. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

The April 19th meeting will feature Mike and Linda Pitts as our guest speakers. The topic will be “The Professional Handler”. How to find the one that is right for you. What you should expect from them and what they should expect from you. This is a perfect opportunity to get all of your questions answered about the handler/client relationship. They will cover everything from costs, identifying a true professional, as well as how each client and their dogs fit into the handlers systems.

The nominating committee has selected the slate of officers to be presented for voting at the May meeting. The recording secretary will send you a notice of whom the committee has chosen. Nominations from the floor will be opened at the April meeting. Please remember that he nominee must be in attendance to accept or you must have their acceptance in writing to place their name into nomination.

Beth White has been meeting with several members of the club to create the TVKC’s performance vision for the future. These meetings are being held to help us define areas of interest as well as types of classes or programs we might be able to offer to our members.  The board now has a number of “Training” sites that they are considering for future classes. Hopefully we will be able to get the classes started very soon.

The constitution and By-Laws committee is working hard to review and update the constitution nd by-laws as well as to bring it in line with that of the AKC and the changes in technology that continue to provide different opportunities as well as challenges.

Cluster 2011 is well into the planning stage and this year will feature “concurrent specialties” or Collies and Bulldogs. We are excited to have the Smoky Mountain Bulldog Club as a new addition to the cluster. With the concurrent specialties the Collies and Bulldogs will have six separate opportunities for points and awards during the weekend. Also in 2012 the American oxhound Club and the Otterhound Club of America will be hosting their National Specialties as  part of our Cluster.

A reminder that June is our annual awards meeting and if one of your dogs has qualified for an ward you need to contact Jeanne Ringe so she can get them ordered. Our June meeting will be an outdoor picnic gathering and a great opportunity for fun and fellowship.

The board continues to work hard to make TVKC “The Club” for dog lovers in the Knoxville area. We have several new members and look forward to getting them involved in our activities as well as bringing more new members into the group.

Just a reminder that Beth White has done a tremendous job on our website and you can find all kind of information just by going to the TVKC site. Our web site is one of the most complete and informative sites for an all-breed club that I have seen. Thanks to Beth for all of her dedication and efforts. It now even boasts a “Countdown Clock” to the 2011 Great Smoky Mountain Cluster.

I hope to see everyone at our meeting on the 19th and wish everyone good luck as the show nd trial season is in full gear.

Walter Sommerfelt
President, TVKC 

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