Promoting all breeds of purebred dogs
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DOG DAYS OF SUMMER: Well the “Dog days of summer” have been truly been here this year. For those continuing to travel with their dogs I encourage you to pay extra attention to your dogs needs with plenty of water, shade and ventilation. It does not take more than a few minutes for your pet to suffer a heat stroke under the conditions we have been experiencing this summer.

 AUGUST 17 MEETING: Our regular meeting is next week on Tuesday August 17th. Our program will focus on understanding the various rules and regulations of the AKC.  This will be a good opportunity for you to have any of your questions answered regarding anything you have seen, heard, or wondered about.

B MATCHES: Don’t forget to plan to attend the Sanctioned “B” match at the Oak Ridge grounds on Wednesday August 18th. This is a great opportunity to for you to work with your young dogs or just give your current hopefuls a chance to get in a little “Real show experience”.

Due to an unfortunate glitch our matches scheduled for September has been canceled and the October match rescheduled for October 6th at Chilhowee Park.  Bernadine Luketich is our match chairman and she can use stewards as well as other helpers for the match please let he know if you can help.

MEDIA: Beth White and Bernadine Luketich have been working hard to make our club known to our community and they are getting out press releases and information to the various media outlets on the TVKC as well as the upcoming events of our club. This is a time consuming effort and I greatly appreciate all of the work they do.

PROMOTING OUR CLUB: We have also agreed to look into ways to promote not only the sport of pure-bred dogs but also the TVKC by doing “Meet the Breeds” and other performance demonstrations throughout our area at places such as the West Town and Center city Malls, Market Square and other locales in the area. This fits with our desire to be “Proactive” and recognized as a positive example in our community. Paula Smiddy and Barbara Price will serve as the leaders in this project. Please share with Paula and Barbara and ideas, locations, etc. that might help. The ORKC has also expressed an interest in joining with us for some of these endeavors.

SEPTEMBER AGILITY TRIAL: Likewise Dawn Darr is looking for volunteers for the upcoming agility trial in September.

Most Pet Friendly City in America:  Those that attended the July meeting were treated to a wonderful program on the area dog parks and what they offer our fair city. We had representatives from Pet Safe, Knoxville City as well as Knox county government here to tell us about how willing they are to make Knoxville the “Most Pet Friendly City in America”. Your board is also committed to making the TVKC recognized as a true community partner in that effort.

GROWTH & COOPERATION: It is my personal goal to see our club grow and build a friendly and cooperative environment where we can build our sport and all it has to offer to the citizens of the Knoxville general area.  There are so many things our sport has to offer. The dog is truly “man’s best friend” and we need to continue to get the message out. In a time of continuous litigation in our society we have a chance by being an active member in our community to have influence in those decisions that might affect our sport as well as our four legged friends. Let’s all work together to see that Knoxville is in fact “The most pet friendly city in America.”

I hope to see everyone on the 17th.

Walter Sommerfelt

President, TVKC

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