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SUMMER WARNING: Well summer is no doubt here in East Tennessee. During this time of year we need to be extra careful with our dogs during travel as well as all outdoor activities and indoor conditions where the heat may become a factor. Heat Stroke is a real problem and can happen very quickly please be sure to keep your dogs as cool as possible with plenty of water during this unusual hot and dry spell.  (For more tips, see Your Dog and The Heat)  

STEWARD TRAINING JULY 12: The TVKC as well as the ORKC continue to work hard to make the upcoming cluster a success. There will be a “Pot Luck” dinner preceding a “Learn how to ring steward class” at the ORKC bldg on Monday July 12th at 6:30 PM. This is a great opportunity to learn how to ring steward for the upcoming shows or any other show you may wish to be involved in. If you think you may ever wish to become a judge being a ring steward is one of the many components you will need to complete. This is a great chance to come together for a quick dinner and a special learning experience.

B MATCHES: TVKC and ORKC have also agreed to join forces for 3 upcoming middle of the week evening “Sanctioned B Matches” These matches will give everyone an opportunity to work with their dogs, both seasoned and those needing ring time in preparation for the fall cluster. All three will take place on Wednesday evenings with Judging starting at 6:30 PM and registration at 5:30PM. The dates will be August 18th, September 15th, and October 13th. The August match will be at the ORKC grounds and the September and October matches will take place at Chilhowee Park in one of the outdoor covered barns. Bernadine Luketich has agreed to serve as the chairman for the TVKC.

JULY MEETING: Our speaker for the July meeting will be a representative for the “Pet Safe” talking about their company and how they have become involved in the dog parks being built throughout the Knoxville area. This should be a very informative meeting about what goes into to the building and maintenance of the parks.

MEDIA: Beth White and Bernadine Luketich have volunteered to head up a new committee to promote the TVKC throughout the East TN area in various media outlets.

PROMOTING OUR CLUB: We have also agreed to look into ways to promote not only the sport of pure-bred dogs but also the TVKC by doing “Meet the Breeds” and other performance demonstrations throughout our area at places such as the West Town and Center city Malls, Market Square and other locales in the area. This fits with our desire to be “Proactive” and recognized as a positive example in our community. Paula Smiddy and Barbara Price will serve as the leaders in this project. Please share with Paula and Barbara and ideas, locations, etc. that might help. The ORKC has also expressed an interest in joining with us for some of these endeavors.

HEART & EYE CLINICS: Although because of space limitations we will not be offering the heart and eye clinics at this year’s cluster we are exploring ways to bring them back in 2011.

SPECIALTIES: The cluster is also receiving requests for information from various groups about holding their specialties as part of the Great Smoky Mountain Cluster.

RECRUITING: Your board is committed to building our club into a very active member of the community. We also would like to be able to offer expertise in as many areas of our sport as possible. As members we need to work together as well as help recruit new people to our club that share in our mission. We truly have a shortage of members in the areas of Agility and Obedience and would like to see more individuals joining our club with a desire to see these areas grow and prosper in Knoxville.

INVOLVEMENT: We also would like to see as many members as possible involved in the club. Please don’t wait to be asked to serve the club, let a board member know of any areas you might be willing to help out in. All jobs do not require experience and in many cases even time is minimal. Please don’t just become a “member on paper”, be a true participating member. You will gain new friends as well as the satisfaction that comes from contributing.

LIFE MEMBERS: We have a number of “Life Members” in our club and the board would like to recognize them and bring everyone back to a meeting in near future. These members have been with TVKC for over 20 years and all have contributed to the success of the club. We look forward to having as many as possible visit with us as often as possible.

WORKING TOGETHER: I would again like to point out that our success or failure as club depends upon all of us working together for our club, our community, and our sport of pure bred dogs. I realize we all do not share the same ideas or share the same outlook on how things are accomplished, but I do know when we put our differences to the side we can collectively be a success in putting the TVKC to the forefront in our community.

I hope to see many of you on the 12th for the stewarding class, and I hope we have another great turnout for our regular meeting on July 20th.

Walter Sommerfelt President, TVKC

Walter Sommerfelt President, TVKC

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