TVKC President’s Message

November 5, 2009

First let me remind everyone our upcoming meeting on Tuesday November 17, 2009 at 7:00 PM.  Our program this month will be: Mike and Linda Pitts on preparation tips on getting your dog ready for the show ring. I am sure this will be an informative program with a lot of tips that both the new as well as the seasoned exhibitor will enjoy.

The December meeting will be our annual Christmas Party and Paula Smiddy is working hard to make sure it is a success. She will let you in on the details at the meeting.

Our show last weekend was a great success.  The facility was in wonderful condition, our Vendor area was full, and things ran very smoothly.  Our entry was down a little bit and this can be attributed to a variety of issues that include, but are not limited to, our economy. It seems entries everywhere have seen a significant decline with numbers reaching as high as 600 or more from last year.  There was also a National Specialty along with an “All Toy Group Show” in Memphis that may have hurt our toy entry somewhat.

It is obvious that around the country the "Cluster" shows seem to be the ones sustaining somewhat steady entries that are at least routinely exceeding 1200 or more. We do have a committee in place that is working hard and exploring possibilities for returning Knoxville to the circuit of shows with a “Cluster”.

In following up on the show I would like to thank everyone from the club that participated in the hard work and preparation for putting on the show.  Numerous club members gave up the time to assist with the taping of the floor space on Thursday, the setting up on Friday along with the Hospitality, Catalog Sales, Trophy Table, and the many other jobs that go into putting on the Show. Catherine Bell did a great Job as Show Chairman; Amanda Ruelle handled the Obedience without a glitch. Paula Smiddy “Sold Out” our vendor space.  Our judges were complimentary of our hospitality and a number of exhibitors and others made comments that this was the “Cleanest” they could remember the show site ever being. Our Trophy table was simply wonderful and the special pottery from Alewine pottery was not only a wonderful tribute to both the 75
anniversaries of the TVKC and The Great Smoky Mountains the exhibitors absolutely loved them. Thanks to Carol Sommerfelt for her hard work and numerous trips to Alewine to make them so special. On Saturday we also had a great ‘Cake and Ice Cream” party at the group rings to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the TVKC. We had so many members contribute and I would like to say “THANK YOU” to each and every one for without your help we could not have achieved this great success.

Should you have any comments, suggestions, observations, or complaints about the show please forward them VIA EMAIL to members of the board for review.

As most of you know our plans for the future include an event called the “AKC Canine Experience” Our committee consists of Paula Smiddy, Karen Clausing, Barbara Price, and Walter Sommerfelt.  They have had several meetings researching various sites, dates as well as what is to be included in the event. They will be sharing their progress with you at the November meeting and hopefully you will be excited about the numerous possibilities to share our sport with others that this event will offer.

Plans are already underway for the spring agility trial and please let Dawn Darr know if you would like to help her in any way.

We as a club continue to grow in a spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm as we look not only in the present but also toward the future.  The goal of your board is to make the TVKC not only a club for the members but also a recognized member of our community.  In these days of the ever-constant threat to our sport through changes in the law and poor publicity it is very important for us to be seen as a solid member of our community promoting our sport and the many good things our beloved dogs do for people.

When you think back just 30 or so years we rarely heard of: Therapy dogs, Drug Sniffing Dogs, Cadaver Dogs, Herding, Earth Dog Trials, Lure Coursing, Flyball, Frisbee, Dock Dogs, Dancing Dogs and so many other things our dogs do that were not a part of our world as they are today.

Man’s best friend is truly a part of the everyday lives of millions of people throughout the world. Dog Shows and events are now truly “international” and yet there are groups like PETA that continue to attempt to destroy in our courts and in our media all of the wonderful things our dogs do. Our club is now actively working to be a responsible voice in spreading the “Good News” about the value of our dogs.  Please plan to become more involved in our efforts and lend your support to make “Your Club” the TVKC the club that everyone wants to be a part of.

Hope to see all of you on the 17th.

Walter Sommerfelt

President, TVKC