The Tennessee Valley Kennel Club will next meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday MArch 20, 2012, in the Sequoyah Room of the Pendergrass Library, University of Tennessee Veterinary School. 
Dr. Mitch Rosenzweig will be speaking on total joint replacements and will open the floor to questions on other types of bone surgeries. Dr. Rosenzweig graduated from Veterinary School in1989, worked with a human medical company for 10 years,  built 4 veterinary clinics, and presently is the Dean of Clinical Development for Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary and Comparative Medicine. He is currently finishing his surgical requirements for board certification and practices at the Animal Emergency, Critical Care & Referral Center which he built.

The Tennessee Valley Kennel Club serves Knox, Blount, Sevier, Jefferson, Grainger, Union, Anderson, Roane, Loudon, and Monroe counties and provides purebred dogs and their owners with engaging, lasting, and fun activities. Come join us.  Visitors are always welcome!  For directions and more info, visit www.tvkc.org.  


The TVKC board will meet Wednesday March 20 at the Sommerfelt home from 6:00 - 7:00 pm prior to the general membership meeting at 7:00.


     (I will post the minutes as soon as they are available.  Beth White)
     Minutes from previous General Membership Meetings  >>  CLICK HERE

     Minutes from previous Board Meetings >> CLICK HERE


training_logoBeginning Obedience Class
- Starts March 28

Explore the wonders of communicating with your dog while learning basic obedience skills (Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Leave It and Come). Positive motivational approach with emphasis on language of leadership. Pre-requisites: Current vaccinations and pre-registration.  How to Register  Wednesdays 6:15-7:15 pm - Five Classes March 28 - April 15, 2012.

Agility Class schedule to be announced soon!

LIFETIMELifetime Achievement Awards 2012
AKC Honors Recipients of the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Awards The American Kennel Club (AKC®) honored the recipients of the 2012 AKC Lifetime Achievement Awards at the December 16, 2011 Delegates Meeting Luncheon in Orlando, Florida, in conjunction with the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.   For more information -->> CLICK HERE

Proposal of the Group Realignment Committee
   The American Kennel Club Board of Directors voted to accept and approve the report of the Group Realignment Committee. The rule changes necessary to implement going from 7 to 11 groups will be read at the December, 2011 Delegate Meeting for a vote in March, 2011. The final decision on assigning breeds rests with the AKC Board, which will consider the input of the breed parent clubs. If adopted, these changes would become effective in 2015.
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-- Canine Partners Program Celebrates Several Milestones --

New York, NY – I’d like to share an update with you on the Canine Partners program. Since the program’s inception, cumulative trial entries have topped 30,000. Last year, 85% of the events that were eligible to allow AKC Canine Partners listed dogs did invite them to enter. That figure is up to 89% so far this year.

      Clubs welcoming Canine Partners enrollees have allowed these dogs and their owners to experience AKC Agility, Obedience, and Rally.  Those clubs offering the Coursing Ability Test, which also includes Canine Partners enrollees, have also seen an increase in entries. 

      We recently reached a milestone by awarding the first MACH, MACH2 and MACH3 titles to one accomplished dog listed in the Canine Partners program, “Princey,” who achieved all three titles.

      Staff has also been working on the “My Dog Can Do That” experience. This program exposes new owners and dogs to AKC events. It allows people to try different companion events with one-on-one attention from a trainer.  The “My Dog Can Do That” program is getting off to an impressive start.  Two hundred thirty dogs participated in the program at the Rose City Kennel Club dog show in Portland, Oregon, and two hundred four dogs took part in the program at the Middle Peninsula Kennel Club show in Doswell, Virginia. The majority of these dogs had never tried an AKC event.  We hope to welcome many more dogs and owners to the wonderful world of AKC through this program.

      Later this month, we are pleased to welcome dogs listed in AKC Canine Partners to the National Agility Championship in Reno, Nevada from March 30th through April 1st.  We are delighted that a number of Canine Partners enrollees have qualified for and will compete in this prestigious event.

      Notably, we’ve continued to see growth in Agility, with the achievement of over one million entries in 2011.  I encourage you to check the AKC website and the AKC Facebook page for complete coverage and results of the NAC. We wish the best of luck to all entrants.

      As we continue to develop programs for all dogs, we hope you will encourage dog owners in your communities to participate. It’s easier than ever to learn the ropes and get involved.

      Turning now to another subject, I am pleased to report that our 2012 budget is projected to show an operating surplus of $1.7 million.

      I extend my thanks to the management, staff and Board for achieving this important, positive result.  
      During my tenure as Chairman, I have been truly fortunate to have had the support of many dedicated Board members – and especially two outstanding Vice Chairmen.  The first was the Honorable David Merriam, and the second – who has served as Vice Chairman for the past three years – is Dr. Tom Davies. 

      While Tom is also leaving the Board today, I know he will continue to be an important contributor to the Delegate Body.  AKC and our sport will benefit from Tom’s involvement hopefully for many years to come.  Tom has been invaluable as Vice Chairman.  While he may be accused of many things, being a “yes” man or being too subtle are not among them.  You always know where Tom stands on the issue, and if he disagrees with you, he will not be bashful about letting you know.  Fortunately for me, we agreed far more than we disagreed.

      The third Board member leaving today – after twenty-four years of service – is the incomparable Walter Goodman.  We talk about legends and icons of the Sport: Walter is a living legend.  There are few who have contributed so much to the Sport of dogs over so long a period.  As a breeder, exhibitor, judge, club officer, not to mention President of the most prestigious terrier club in the world, Walter has done it all, done it well, and done it with grace and dignity.  I know the Board will not be the same without him.

      Tom and Walter, thank you both for your support and contributions to AKC, as well as your continuing friendship.


Ron Menaker, Chairman



-- Patricia M. Cruz, William J. Feeney, & Thomas S. Powers Elected --

New York, NY – At the Annual Meeting of the American Kennel Club on March 13, 2012, the AKC Board of Directors Class of 2016 was elected. The three Directors elected were: Patricia M. Cruz, Delegate for Heart of the Plains Kennel Club; William J. Feeney, Delegate for Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club, Inc.; and Thomas S. Powers, Delegate for Kennel Club of Beverly Hills. In addition, Alan Kalter (American Bullmastiff Association, Inc.) was elected as Chairman of the Board and Dr. Robert D. Smith (Memphis Kennel Club, Inc.) was elected as the Vice Chairman of the Board at a meeting of the AKC Board of Directors, convened after the Delegates Meeting.

• Alan Kalter, of Ann Arbor, MI, brings a unique combination of experience in the world of purebred dogs, business, and marketing to the AKC Board. As an active breeder/exhibitor of Bullmastiffs for over 20 years, he has produced 160 champions including BIS, BISS, and five generations of Group winners under the HappyLegs registered prefix.

He serves as President and Delegate for the American Bullmastiff Association and was the Vice President and Treasurer of the Detroit Kennel Club, where he was responsible for the marketing of two benched shows that attract tens of thousands of purebred dog lovers each year. Alan was also one of the original Board members of the AKC PAC and on the three-person committee responsible for evaluating recipients of legislative donations.

Professionally, Alan was the CEO and owner of a multinational, multibillion dollar advertising agency employing 1000 people throughout 11 offices in three countries. The company developed Morris Animal Foundation’s communications including the Canine Cancer Campaign, as well as AKC pro bono marketing, and originating “We’re more than champion dogs. We’re the dog’s champion.”

• Dr. Robert D. Smith of St. Stephens Church, VA has been involved in the sport for more than 50 years, primarily as a breeder/owner/handler of American Foxhounds. Elected to the AKC Board for the first time in 1997, he served for five years, proposing the creation of a Registered Handlers Program and the Breeders Education Program. Both initiatives were adopted and ran successfully.

He served as Huntington Kennel Club’s Delegate from 1996 until 2002 and has held every office and most committee positions in kennel clubs in several states. Currently, he serves as the Delegate from the Memphis Kennel Club.

Approved by AKC to judge two breeds in 1966, Dr. Smith became an All-Breed judge in 1996. Still active today, he has judged in 49 states and many foreign countries, and presided over Best in Show at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in December 2008.

Professionally, Dr. Smith ran highly successful small business programs for the states of Mississippi and Virginia, retiring in 1996.

AKC Board of Directors Class of 2016

• Patricia M. Cruz, of Coram, NY, has been part of the dog world for more than 40 years and currently serves as delegate for the Heart of the Plains Kennel Club. She is a former AKC Field Representative, a member of the Afghan Hound Club of America, Long Island Kennel Club, Morris and Essex Kennel Club and an officer of the Ladies Kennel Association of America, Riverhead Kennel Club, and Afghan Hound Club of L.I. She is also an internationally-experienced judge for over 40 years as well as one of the founders of the Owner Handler Association. Professionally, Patricia is a journalist and Board member of Dog Writers Association of America. She is the former president of a civilian employee union in one of the largest police departments on the east coast and secretary of a county-wide union representing over 10,000 employees. She also served as sales manager and marketing consultant for radio stations in the number one market in U.S.

• William J. Feeney, of Cotati, CA, got his start in the dog world 33 years ago in Golden Retrievers. Bill and his wife Sylvia breed Goldens under the Birnam Wood prefix. He served the Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA) from 1988-1997, initially as Chairman of the Bylaws Committee and later as a director and officer. In 1994, he was elected GRCA President and served in that capacity for two years. He is currently the Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club’s Delegate to the AKC. Since 1997, Bill has devoted time to working for canine health as Vice President of the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Inc. In addition to his regular work as a lawyer, Bill has also judged several specialty sweepstakes and futurities.

• Thomas S. Powers, of Northridge, CA, is a second generation dog fancier. He has participated in the sport as a breeder, club president, show chair and delegate. He has also served on the AKC Board’s Constitution and Bylaws Committee and currently sits on the Southwest Trial Board as Chairman. Thomas breeds and exhibits Irish Wolfhounds with his wife and has also exhibited and finished a number of Dachshunds, Beagles, Mastiffs and Harriers, including the number one Harrier in 1990, Ch. Powerscourt Patience DeAmo. Professionally, Thomas has practiced law in California for 35 years, with clients including major Fortune 500 companies. He has also owned and operated a chain of dry cleaners, a chain of retail pet supply stores and a veterinary hospital.


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