The Tennessee Valley Kennel Club will meet at 7 p.m. February 21, 2012,  in the Sequoyah Room of the Pendergrass Library, University of Tennessee Veterinary School, Joe Johnson Drive.

Dr. Cheryl Cross (Gypsy Hands, 711 North Central Street in Knoxville)
Dr. Cheryl Cross will speak on the topic of canine acupuncture.  Dr. Cross is a previous recipient of one of the scholarships sponsored by TVKC / Oak Ridge Kennel Club.  She has commented that this made a significant impact on her ability to complete her education.  She is a veterinarian with an atypical approach that helps animals heal and be happy.   

The Tennessee Valley Kennel Club serves Knox, Blount, Sevier, Jefferson, Grainger, Union, Anderson, Roane, Loudon, and Monroe counties and provides purebred dogs and their owners with engaging, lasting, and fun activities. Come join us.  Visitors are always welcome!  For directions and more info, visit www.tvkc.org.  


There will be NO BOARD MEETING for February.


     (I will post the minutes as soon as they are available.  Beth White)
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President’s Message February 2012 

As we move forward into the year 2012 I am very pleased to report that the state of our club is indeed very good.  As most of you know in recent years your board of directors has had two extended meetings during the year that allow us to really spend a great deal of time in reviewing and updating our club and the various activities we provide and participate in.  Last month we had another of our marathon sessions where we were able to discuss many of our goals and how we were doing in achieving them.

One of the tasks we undertook in 2011 was to make an attempt to contact each and every member of our club to solicit feedback from our members on many issues that involve our club.  I would like to thank every member of the board as well as all of the members that provided feedback.  What we discovered was that the overall opinion of the majority of our members was very positive.  First they expressed that they felt our club as well as our meetings have been very open and friendly and that every member has had the opportunity to express their opinions on matters before the club.  There was also an overwhelming showing of support on our providing as many educational programs as possible.

We also received feedback that our efforts to provide more opportunities in the way of training classes for conformation, Agility, Obedience and rally were greatly appreciated and displayed our desire as a club to be able to meet the interest and needs of all facets of the sport of purebred dogs.  I would like to thank Beth White, Ace Miller, Paula Smiddy, Barbara Price, Robin Brown, and Angie Bass for all of their hard work in making all of our classes possible.

During the past year we were able to host our cluster, hold a successful open show and meet the breeds’ event downtown at market square, and two very successful agility weekends.  Congratulations to Catherine Bell, Dawn Darr, Paula Smiddy and Bernadine Luketich for heading up these shows.

During the summer we had a great awards meeting, pot luck, and music event thanks to the effort of Jean Dinkins.  The event had great attendance and was going great until an quick moving storm quickly changed things and cut a great evening short.  Fortunately we had no serious injuries although several of our members did suffer some bangs, cuts and bruises from the flying debris.  In December we had a lovely Christmas dinner hosted by Catherine Bell at the Copper Cellar with 34 members present for a very enjoyable evening.

The Committee of Walter & Carol Sommerfelt, Jean Dinkins, and Catherine Bell worked to review and update our Constitution, Bylaws and Standing rules.  The club adopted many of the changes and they were forwarded to the AKC for approval. AKC recently approved the majority of our changes with a recommendation to adjust two minor sections and resubmit those areas for approval.  The committee will meet in the coming months to address the suggestions and we will than bring them back to the club for the approval of those minor changes. One of the changes approved and into effect is that beginning this coming election our AKC delegate position will be for a 3 year term (AKC lowered from the proposed 4 yrs to 3 yrs)  The delegate position will no longer be an automatic board position, however the Delegate is eligible to run for any officer or board position on an annual basis just like all of the other board members.

The nominating committee has been appointed and they are Pat Hodges, (Chairperson), Barbara Price, Angie Bass, Carol Sommerfelt, and Eddie Delaney.  They will meet very soon to present a slate of officers and board members for the upcoming elections.

As mentioned earlier our monthly programs have been a favorite for our members.  In January Dr. Phillips presented an outstanding insight into Canine Oncology and for those in attendance it was a great opportunity to learn about canine cancers and their treatments.

The February meeting will feature Dr. Cheryl Cross on the topic of Canine acupuncture.  Dr. Cross also commented that she was a previous recipient of one of the scholarships sponsored by TVKC or Oak Ridge Kennel Club in the past and what a difference it made for her back when she was in school.

While speaking about the scholarship I would like to point out that during 2011 The TVKC again provided a $5,000 scholarship to the UT Veterinary school.  Through the efforts of our cluster we also made charitable contributions to Take The Lead ($877.50), The AKC Humane Fund ($67.50), The Make A Wish Foundation ($1,014.90) The East Tennessee Children’s Hospital ($1,371.65) and the MMC Hospitality House of the Methodist Hospital of Oak Ridge ($1,371.65)

Congratulations go out to Jean Dinkins on her retirement from the TVA .  She is a tremendous asset to our club and we hope she now has all of the time to enjoy the many doggy activities she likes.

I would like to also wish Catherine Bell a speedy recovery and rehabilitation from her recent surgery we hope to see you up and around very soon.

At our most recent cluster meeting it was decided that in an effort to make our cluster more efficient we would like to appoint committee chairs that would "oversee" all 4 days of the cluster, these committee chairs would be the "go to" person for that area, but both clubs would still attempt to provide support on each clubs individual days. The Following is a list of Committees.  The ones identified as filled we currently have volunteers for. However we are looking for volunteers to head up the others. If you are willing to step up and accept one of the positions please let us know.

Cluster Coordinator:

Walter Sommerfelt; Primary Function: Oversee and coordinate all aspects of the cluster, run and manage cluster meetings, work with Chilhowee Park and assist various specialty clubs.

Individual Show Chairs:

Donna Burchi (ORKC), Catherine Bell (TVKC):To oversee the running of each show, complete and submit all paperwork to AKC as well as superintendent, work together with show and cluster committee to see that premium list and all needed material is properly placed, worded, and falls in line with the committee and clubs wishes.  Oversee that all jobs on show days are covered and running properly.

Assistant Show Chairs:

Pat Hodges (ORKC), Carol Sommerfelt (TVKC); to assist the show chairs and be able to step in and take over if something happens to the show chair.

Chairman for Performance events: __________________:

This position will oversee all obedience and rally functions and work with the individual obedience chairs from each club

Ring Steward Coordinator: ________________________:

Works with the stewards association as well as volunteer stewards and specialty clubs to be sure all rings are covered properly.

Trophy Chairs:

Currently for TVKC Carol Sommerfelt & Mary Ellen Kasten: Each club is responsible for their own trophies it is their responsibility to sell, collect fees, and arrange for proper inclusion in the premium lists and catalogs

Obedience & Rally Chairs:

Phyliss Fortune (TVKC): Oversees and controls all aspects of obedience on each clubs show days.

Event Web Master:

Beth White; Oversees and coordinates all GSMC web site materials as supplied by the cluster.

Cluster Secretary:

Debby Sharp: Keeps and accurate written record of all meetings for the GSMC: It is important that this person keeps a very accurate and complete record of cluster meetings especially in the case of motions and voting.

Cluster Treasurer:

Jean Dinkins; collects all cluster funds, pays bills, and keeps a record of cluster transactions.

Cluster Vendor Chair:

Quinto Burchi; to supply contracts, collect fees, assign spaces, control set up and move in, follow rules and guidelines as established by the cluster.

Volunteer Coordinator: _________________________:

This person will help to assign volunteers where needed, especially during show hours when they check in so they know where to go.

Judges Selection:

Each club currently has a separate committee with the combined number at 11-12. This group helps to select the judging panel based on suggestions from the members as well as the adopted guideline for hiring. Currently Carol Sommerfelt (TVKC) and Pat Hodges (ORKC) head each clubs separate judges committee.  However the combined meeting of both groups proved to be a little chaotic.  The cluster would like to see this format reviewed and streamlined into a more manageable group.  This will be addressed in the future.

Judges Hotel Hospitality:

Jean Dinkins (TVKC) Pat Hodges (ORKC): Sends out hospitality letters, works with host hotel and arranges transportation to and from the shows/airport.  Also prepares and distributes judges’ hospitality bags.

Judges and workers show hospitality: _________________________:

Arranges lunch room, works with catering companies on menus, follows budgets and guidelines of the committee, arranges for beverages etc. to be taken to rings during the event and any other "on site" hospitality needs"

Catalog Sales:_________________________:

Arranges for volunteers to sell catalog all 4 days of the cluster.

Catalog Advertising: ________________________:

Collects and forwards all ads to the superintendent, collects all ad monies and forwards them to the treasurer.

Building and Grounds: _______________________________:

Oversee all aspects of building and grounds maintenance, Clean up, Grooming area monitoring, Handicapped and VIP parking etc. (pooper scooping and maintaining public ex pens) works closely with Chilhowee park personnel and others to see things are done.

Specialty Club Coordinator:

Walter Sommerfelt: Cluster contact that works with specialty clubs on all aspects of their inclusion to the cluster.

Veterinary Coordinator:

Quinto Burchi: Works with show vet to be sure all vet needs are handled during the show hours as required.

Special Events Chairman:_____________________________:

Coordinates with cluster and with event leaders to be sure events are staged and handled properly: (Chuck-A-Duck, Dinners, raffles, Matches, Bake sales, senior visitors, etc.)

Hotel/Motel and Civic coordinator: ___________________________:

Works with the convention and visitor’s bureau as well as our local motels to monitor proper handling of any exhibitor issues with the hotels. Collects information and brochures for local eating places etc.

Advertising and Publicity: __________________________________:

Sets up all advertising, newspaper, radio, magazines, TV, etc.

Sponsorship Chair: ____________________________________:

works with committee and potential sponsors/vendors to secure revenue to assist in producing and promoting the cluster.

Exhibitor assistance liaison: ____________________________ :

works with various volunteers to assist in the unloading, finding of grooming space, etc (we plan to provide a utility cart to assist people in moving equipment up and down the hills from the parking area).   We would also like to have a multi passenger cart to help people up and down the hills from the lower parking lot.

As you can see we have a lot of things going on in the TVKC and I am sure I have omitted some projects or people and if I forgot you or your project or contribution please accept my apology.  I do hope some of our members will step up and volunteer for these positions.  Previous experience is not always needed we have plenty of experienced people willing to help to guide anyone that is ready to get their feet wet in one of our projects.

In closing I hope that many of you turn out for the February meeting and listen to Dr. Cross’s presentation. Best of luck at the shows and trials.

Walter Sommerfelt

President, TVKC


training_logoBeginning Obedience Class
- Starts March 28

Explore the wonders of communicating with your dog while learning basic obedience skills (Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Leave It and Come). Positive motivational approach with emphasis on language of leadership. Pre-requisites: Current vaccinations and pre-registration.  How to Register  Wednesdays 6:15-7:15 pm - Five Classes March 28 - April 15, 2012.

Agility Class schedule to be announced soon!


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