The Tennessee Valley Kennel Club will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday September 20 in the Sequoyah Room of the Pendergrass Library, University of Tennessee Veterinary School.  The guest speaker will be Dr. Kristi Lively of Village Veterinary Clinic talking on collecting, storing, and using frozen semen in your breeding program.  The club serves Knox, Blount, Sevier, Jefferson, Grainger, Union, Anderson, Roane, Loudon, and Monroe counties and provides purebred dogs and their owners with engaging, lasting, and fun activities. Come join us.  Visitors are always welcome!  For directions and more info, visit www.tvkc.org.  


Greetings to everyone:

Countdown to the fall cluster is now less than two months. The show and cluster committees have been hard at work in preparing for the upcoming circuit. Hopefully you have volunteered to help out during the show. If you have not, there is still plenty of time to let us know where you would like to help out. Please just let someone on the show committee know so we can utilize you in the best way possible.

On September 24th the TVKC will be hosting one of the AKC’s first ‘Open Shows” in downtown Knoxville at Krutch Park on Gay Street. Along with the show we will also be hosting a “Meet the Breeds,” as well as doing a responsible dog ownership day with the event. Bernadine Luketich and Paula Smiddy are chairing this event and can also use your help as well as your dogs in providing breeds for the general public to learn about. This is another great example of our club being seen out in the community.

Because of the efforts of Beth White, Ace Russell, Robin Brown, and Angie Bass our TVKC Obedience, Agility and Conformation classes have been going very well. Although the weather has been such a big factor as of late we continue to have dates in place for upcoming classes. Please see the TVKC website for updates on our classes. The conformation classes are looking into a possible indoor site close to I-40 in an industrial building near the Cherry Street exit. This location will allow us a well lit and useful indoor location for the fall and winter months. Thanks to Barbara Price for finding this location.

The new board met recently for our extended annual planning meeting. Everyone was present and we were able to get a great deal accomplished. One of our goals was to reach out to our membership and get their feelings and input about the club. In the upcoming weeks and months one member of the board will be contacting each and every member to complete an updated information form along with a number of questions to get a feel for each person’s area of interest as well as what they would like to see from the club in the future. Please be honest and candid with whoever contacts you. This is being done so we can keep in contact with all of our members, some that for one reason or another cannot attend meetings as well as those that might be more comfortable in sharing ideas as well as concerns in a more private way.

Since becoming President I have tried very hard to provide some type of educational or interactive program at every meeting. Because it is difficult for one person to try and do this every month the board has appointed a Program Committee consisting of Pam Stanner, Chairperson, Keith Bailey, Barbara Price and Walter Sommerfelt the goal is to continue to provide quality, diverse programs to introduce all of our members to topics of interest in the world of dogs.

The September 20th meeting will have for our speaker Dr. Kristi Lively from the Village Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Lively will be speaking on the collection, use, and storage of Frozen Semen for future use in Artificial Insemination. Back in the Early 1980’s Carol and I were fortunate to be part of one of the first centers approved by the AKC and the American Field to freeze and process semen. Since that time we have witnessed to growth and wider acceptance of the practice as well as the technological advances that have greatly increased the success rate of this valuable breeding tool. I encourage anyone that has even the slightest interest in the Breeding of Dogs to attend and please feel free to invite anyone else that might be interested to attend. Dr. Lively will start her presentation promptly at 7:00 PM. The board has decided to have our featured speakers first whenever possible.

The board also reviewed and adopted “the proposed constitution, by laws, and standing rules” changes recommended by the Committee. We will be handing out the proposed changes at the meeting along with the reasoning behind the updates. Voting on the Constitution and By Laws changes will take place in October and following the vote it will be submitted to the AKC for their final review and approval.

The board has reviewed the AKC sportsmanship award and has decided to ask the three previous winners, Jean Dinkins, Phyllis Fortune and Eddie Delaney to serve as the committee to review the AKC standards for the award and put forth nominations for the club to consider. The AKC outlines that the award “Honors those individuals who deserve special recognition that have made a difference in the sport of purebred dogs, embodied the AKC code of sportsmanship, and have been an active and valued member of an AKC member club.” If you feel any member should be considered for the award please contact one of these three individuals to have them consider that person for nomination.

After a discussion the board decided to accept a recommendation that was passed unanimously that instead of creating an oversight group or committee for performance and training classes that Ace Russell be asked to serve as the clubs’ training coordinator. Hopefully Ace will accept and continue share with the club his knowledge in the performance area.

Beth White continues to do an outstanding job on the clubs’ website. After discussion it was approved that members may submit a photo of their dog and any brags to be posted on the website for no longer than one month. So if you have a dog and a win you wish to brag about please send the photo and info off to Beth.

Keith Bailey and her committee have met with the UT Veterinary College relationship student to see how the TVKC and the school can better serve the perception of purebred dogs to students. The group is working on a power point presentation to be presented at a future UT lunch meeting. More information will be supplied as the program moves forward.

Our Cluster will again feature a number of extra activities for our exhibitors and out of town guests and we can still use a lot of help on a number of them. If you would like to help out with our Friday night “Lottery Sweepstakes”, The Friday Bake-A-Wish Bake sale or the Saturday evening Dinner, Dance, and Raffle please let us know. These events take a lot of planning which is done in advance but they do need some help on the day of the event. Please consider donating a little of your time to one of these. The proceeds from these events go to help a number of worthwhile causes within the sport as well as our community.

As you can see there is a great deal of activity at TVKC as well as other areas already being worked on. We hope you will continue to be active in serving the club and for those that have for one reason or another been on the sidelines we invite you to jump in and help.

In closing I would like to mention that we have had a great increase in the number of visitors to our meetings. Please take a moment to welcome them and introduce yourself to them and inquire about their interest in the club, their dogs, and what brought them to our meeting. If we continue to work together to bring in new members with a willingness to help out and grow our club it is a win win for us all.

That’s it for now I look forward to seeing all of you on September 20th and hearing Dr. Lively's presentation.

Walter Sommerfelt
President TVKC


August 16, 2011

President Walter Sommerfelt called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m., EST. The meeting was held in the Sequoyah Room at the University of Tennessee Veterinary School,

Present: President Sommerfelt, Vice President Paula Smiddy, Recording Secretary Kasten,
and AKC Delegate Catherine Bell.

Board Members: Keith Bailey, Pat Hodges, Barbara Price, and Pam Stanner.

Members: Karl Barth, Richard Bohannon, Teresa Horn, Phyllis Fortune, Teresa Horn, Bernadine Luketich, Carol Sommerfelt, Barry Stanner, Ruby Valentine, and Neena VanCamp.

Absent: Corresponding Secretary Beth White and Treasurer Jean Dinkins.

Visitors welcomed: Karen Davis, Brandi Hodges, Dean Howell, Audrey Houser, Jess, Kay and
Mike Irwin, Cheryl Kienast, Carol Ann Shipley, Collete Sutton, Kathy White and David Mynatt.

Special Guest Speakers: Karen M. Davis, PhD - Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Tennessee, on her ongoing study on play behavior within litters. Also present was Julie Albright, DMV of The University of Tennessee - Institute of Agriculture -
Veterinary School. Club Members Teresa and Doug Horn have a litter that is being study at
this time.

 Minutes: Corresponding Secretary didn’t receive minutes in time for posting. Minutes
will be voted on next month.

 Board of Directors’ Report: None, next Board meeting Tuesday, August 23, 2011, at the
home of the Sommerfelts.

 Corresponding Secretary’s Report: President Sommerfelt read White’s report.

To be discussed and voted on later are AKC’s Lifetime Achievement Awards.
    Conformation Events - Louis Auslander, Marion Bradshaw, or Jean Fournier.
    Companion Events - William Iwamoto, Patricia Scully, or Betty Winters.
    Performance Events - Robert Fleury, Leida Jones, or Gerald Price.

Training classes were a great success. Conformation classes are taking a break waiting for cooler weather and location of another site. Another round of Agility Classes will start again on September 21, 2010. A hefty round of applause is truly in order in appreciation for all the hard work by Angie Bass and Ace Russell.

Membership outreach has involved many of training students who have expressed an interest in club membership. White has developed a new Member Information Form based on President Sommerfelt’s draft. This form will be used for membership outreach visits. Also reported that White has prepared a Google map showing the geographic distribution of our membership. It has color coded markers for each member household by geographic zones. This map is secure - only visible by those who have been given the map’s URL (link).

The new cluster website is up and running at: http://smokymtncluster.org/.  Your feedback is always welcomed.

 Treasurer’s Report:
July 2011

Checking Account Beginning Balance . . . . . . . . . . $ 23,530.84

Receipts from dues, training classes (conformation) and tro. . . . . . . $ 152.50

Disbursements (Treasurer’s office expenses for copies for the year, hospitality expenses for July’s meeting, Tillery Storage annual rental expense and trophy expenses for the September 24th  Events . . . . . . . .$ 2,172.57

Motion passed unanimously.

 AKC Delegate’s Report: Per Bell’s recommendation, she will not be attending the September
meeting due to not much taking place, this will save TVKC money and AKC will post minutes to their minutes to the AKC website.

 Cluster Report: Sommerfelt announced that 2011 the Cluster will have two National Specialties (American Foxhounds and the Otterhounds) and at least three specialty clubs (Boxers, Bulldogs and Collies.) Volunteers are still needed for this year’s shows. Volunteers are needed for the Saturday night dinner/dance and raffle, also for Friday’s Lottery Sweepstakes.

 Show Report: Premium list should be sent out soon for final proofing.

 Agility Report: Sommerfelt read Darr’s email report - Rent verses purchasing timers will be discussed later. The premium for the December trail has gone through final proof reading and will be published next month in time for the October 5 opening. Darr is working on the premium for the February 2012 trial as well.

 Trophy Report: Carol Sommerfelt reported that this was the last night to purchase
trophies for the 2011 shows.

 Open Show/Meet the Breeds
Report : Luketich reported that the premium will be forthcoming and volunteers were still needed. She asked for member input on fun activities that children and their dogs could participate in, i.e, cutest puppy, best dog trick, etc. Smiddy reported that she had approximately 14 different breeds signed up for Meet the Breeds. She asked that anyone not signed up but willing to participate to please let her know.

 Old Business:
Voted in unanimously was Dean T. Howell.

AKC Delegate Bell presented the 2010 Sportsman of the Year Metal to Phyllis Fortune.
Congratulations to Fortune on this honor.

Timer for agility trial was deferred to next week’s board meeting. Recommendations will be
announced at the September General Meeting for member discussion/voting.

TVKC’s AKC Lifetime Achievement Awards votes were:
Conformation Events - Jean Fournier
Companion Events - Patricia Scully
Performance Events - No vote

Club Brags: Keith Bailey, Richard Bohannon, Pat Hodges, Paula Smiddy, Carol and
Walter Sommerfelt, and Pam and Barry Stanner.

Motion by Catherine Bell, seconded by Keith Bailey for adjournment. Meeting adjourned at
8:32 p.m. EST.

Respectfully submitted,
Maryellen Kasten, Recording Secretary

Minutes from previous General Membership Meetings  >>  CLICK HERE


Annual Board of Directors Meeting, August 23, 2011

President Walter Sommerfelt called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m., EST. The meeting was
held at the home of Carol and Walter Sommerfelt.

Present: President Walter Sommerfelt, Vice President Paula Smiddy, Corresponding Secretary Beth White, Recording Secretary Maryellen Kasten, Treasurer Jean Dinkins, and AKC Delegate Catherine Bell, Board Members - Keith Bailey, Robin Brown, Pat Hodges, Barbara Price and Pam Stanner.

 Minutes: July 19, 2011, minutes were approved unanimously on a motion by Smiddy, seconded
by Bell. Motion passed unanimously.

 President’s Report: None

 Corresponding Secretary’s Report: None

 Treasurer’s Report: None

 AKC Delegate’s Report: None

 Agility Report: After discussion on the recommendation and cost figures from the Agility
Committee, a motion by Bell, seconded by Price to purchase two wireless timers for $ 1,998.00. This will allow TVKC to run two fast rings in time for the fall 2012 trial. Motion passed unanimously and will be presented at next month’s general membership meeting for a final vote

Unfinished Business:

Final review and revisions to TVKC’s Constitution/By-Laws and Standing Rules were read and
discussed. Revisions were made and will be retyped. Dinkins will run copies to be presented
at next month’s general membership meeting. Club members will have a month to review before
being discussed at the following meeting for discussion and voting.

Membership visitations and information updates were discussed. White also has mapped a
location map of current members. After discussion on how to proceed it was the general
consensus that the membership lists be divided up. Information may be collected either in
person or by telephone.

The establishment of a Committee to maintain and oversee club equipment was tabled until
cooler weather in the fall.

AKC Sportsmanship Award - President Sommerfelt asked if TVKC should create criteria for
qualification and nomination of a club member for this award in accordance with AKC
guidelines. It was the general consensus that the last three recipients of this award should
be appointed to make recommendations. Dinkins was appointed Chair, Texas Eddie Dulaney and
Phyllis Fortune will be asked to serve.

President Sommerfelt asked that a genuine Program Committee be appointed to oversee the month programs. The committee will consist of Chairman Pam Stanner, Keith Bailey, Barbara Price, and Walter Sommerfelt.

On a recommendation by White and passed unanimously, instead of creating another oversight
group for performance and training classes, Ace Russell will be asked to serve as Training

Members thanked White on her continued hard work on TVKC’s website. White asked that if
anyone had news, brags, etc. to please let her know so it could be posted. Photos with brags
can be posted to the website for one month to let visitors know what club members are
involved in.

Keith Bailey reported that she had met with the UT Relationship Student to see how TVKC could better serve the Veterinary School. It was decided that a Power Point Presentation of
approximately 20 minutes held at a lunch meeting would be well received and attended. Bailey
has a friend that can do a power point presentation. This will be discussed further. Sommerfelt reminded everyone that volunteers were still needed for the Lottery Match,
Saturday night’s dinner, dance and raffle.

Open Show/Meet-the-Breeds/Responsible Dog Owner day - September 24, 2011, Bell reported that she and Luketich went to the equipment shed to remove items for this event, yesterday. Van and shed were not organized. This needs to be addressed in cooler weather. Luketich was
under the impression that Sommerfelt would load and move the van for the 24th event. Sommerfelt is willing to transport the van to the site, but is unable to load and unload
equipment due to seeing a chiropractor weekly. Dinkins volunteered to move the van with her
truck and Brown volunteered to help load.

Keith Bailey has once again secured gas cards from Pilot Oil Company for the Cluster show
drawings. Sommerfelt reported that he and White were preparing a letter to seek corporate

New Business:

A letter was received from Jennifer Miller of Countryside Veterinary seeking vendors for their Open House. Unfortunately, this falls on the Saturday, October 8, 2011. There are several big conformation and agility shows on that date. The general consensus was that TKVC
reply that we could not participate this year but let us know about next year’s event with
more notice.

After discussion on Guest Speakers, it was the general consensus that Guest Speakers’ be
allowed to speak first before TVKC’s general meeting, so they didn’t need to sit through the
whole meeting.

Next discussed was how to make visitors’ feel more welcomed. TVKC should have a Welcoming
Committee which consists of the Officers and Board Members. TVKC should continue introducing visitors to the full attending membership.  Also discussed was holding off accepting new membership forms until after meeting adjournment.

There being no further business a motion by Catherine Bell, seconded by Paula Smiddy for
adjournment, motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m. EST.

Everyone thanked the Sommerfelts’ for the great meal and their hospitality.

Respectfully submitted,

Maryellen Kasten, Recording Secretary

Previous Board minutes >> Click here.

Dog Day Spectacular - SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 24


Set Up:                 8 am   -  All Club Members

Meet the Breeds:   10 am

Best Trick Contest: 11 am   -  Barbara Price Judge

Open Show Registration:    9 am to 12:30 pm

Open Show:            1 pm

Anticipated close:     5 pm

An important note: We anticipate a good turn out. We do not want any dogs off leash to participate in our activities. During open show, we may have a high number of novice participants, please everyone be vigilant for loose dogs.


Event Grounds & Equipment –Chair Wally Sommerfelt, Dean Howell, Barry Stanner, Jeff Banta

Sound Equipment – Thank you Wally!   Paula has arranged for electric

3 rings for Open Show – 50 x 25 each. – need posts/ring polls from shed and rope. Maryellen can also bring surveying tape – let her know if you need any.

Two sets of Jumps for the obstacle course

3 ring tables for Judges and a chair  Paula bringing 6 folding chairs

3 grooming tables – Paula Bringing


3 ring Pop up tents – Wally, Paula – need 1 more for rings

     More pop ups would be nice for RDO and Reg Table.

Bags:  Ring Garbage Bags & plastic bags

Ring clean up equipment

Placement Markers – Paula Making

Exercise Area is already there. Maryellen will bring Stakes and Tape to section off

Tables:  Trophy Table

              Responsible Dog Owners Table

             Entry Table

                    (Paula can bring 2 - 6 ft tables)

Chairs for above.

Signs:  There are some signs from our regular show – please bring all from shed. Will have preprinted info to attach to them

Easel – for RDO

Porta – Potty – Paula Smiddy handling

Swimming Pool – Bernadine will bring

Event Photographers Keith Bailey & Barbara Price

Event Publicity – Beth White Chair,  Jean Dinkins

Downloads:  Open Show Premium   Publicity Flyer   Press Release


calendartraining_logoSpots are still available for our fall Obedience and Agility Classes!

These five-week classes
are starting Wednesday September 21. 
Class schedules are posted on TVKC Calendar.

Pre-registration is required.  Download form here. 
You can complete the form on-line, save it, and email as an attachment to tvkc00@gmail.com.

We are also accepting registration for Winter Classes
 November 16 - December 14.

ninaBeginning Obedience Class 
Explore the wonders of communicating with your dog while learning basic obedience skills (Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Leave It and Come). Positive motivational approach with emphasis on language of leadership.

Pre-requisites: Current vaccinations and pre-registration

Wednesdays 6:15-7:15 pm - Five Weeks   Sept 21 - Oct 19

 Members $30,  Non-members $60     Full payment due with registration.

Beginning Agility Class 
Introduction to skills required for dog agility. Learn how to teach your dog to be successful at all types of obstacles (jumps, tunnels, A-frame, weave poles). Safe, sturdy, competition-approved equipment. Non-stressful approach to running agility with your dog.

Pre-requisites: Beginning obedience class highly recommended,
Current vaccinations and pre-registration

Wednesdays 7:30 - 8:30 - Five Weeks from Sept 21 - Oct 19

Cost:  Members $30,  Non-members $60.  Full payment due with registration.


The conformation classes are looking into a possible indoor site.  A new schedule will be communicated as soon as it is available.  

A 9/11 Tribute - A Very Special Breed of Hero


CLICK HERE to view video honoring the dogs of 9-11.

Five Canine Heroes Honored With AKC® Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE)

The AKC® Humane Fund announced the winners of the 12th annual AKC Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence(ACE), which commemorates five loyal, hard-working dogs that have made significant contributions to their communities in each of the following five categories: Exemplary Companion Dog, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Service and Therapy.

"The AKC Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence celebrate what dogs contribute to our lives and these five exceptional recipients exemplify the selfless service canines perform for us everyday," said AKC Spokesperson Lisa Peterson. "The dogs we’re honoring with the ACE award show the impact a single dog can make in a community."

For the rest of the story ...     >> CLICK HERE


- Doing the Right Thing for Dogs Everywhere -

The American Kennel Club, along with its affiliates, the AKC Canine Health Foundation and AKC Companion Animal Recovery, is the only not-for-profit registry devoted to the health and well-being of dogs. We have allocated more than $30 million to fund programs for the betterment of dogs everywhere.

AKC’s $20 dog registration fees allows us to raise millions of dollars each year that are dedicated to canine health research, nationwide kennel inspections, canine search and rescue teams and pet recovery.

Whether you’re interacting with puppy buyers or helping a neighbor figure out what breed is right for them, we encourage you to share the good things we do and some of the many reasons to support the AKC beyond an interest in showing or breeding:

  • Health Research:  We have donated more than $20 million to fund sound scientific research to prevent, treat, and cure canine disease. The AKC Canine Health Foundation is the largest canine health research foundation in the world.

  • Search and Rescue:  We have donated over $3 million to Canine Search & Rescue and pet-related disaster relief and prepared­ness efforts.

  • Kennel Inspection: We inspect thousands of kennels every year to ensure the safety and welfare of dogs, the only dog registry to do so.

  • Lost Dog Recovery: We offer recovery services 24/7, 365 days-a-year, and have reunited more than 400,000 lost dogs with their families. AKC Companion Animal Recovery is the largest not for profit pet recovery service in the country.

I’d like to thank one group that has always been dedicated to spreading the word about AKC’s good works – our AKC Breeders of Merit. Thank you for your dedication to registering 100% of your puppies and the education you provide to your puppy buyers. The 5,700 Breeders of Merit lead the charge so that we may administer so many of these beneficial programs and help protect and support the welfare of dogs everywhere!


Ron Menaker, Chairman


For the on-line edition of the AKC Gazette...    >> CLICK HERE


Sign with a man listening to newsOur member directory
now has improved email functions.


Email your friendly webmaster if you need a user name / password reminder.



November 3-6, 2011

Four days of dog shows with more than a thousand dogs expected At Chilhowee Park!

The Tennessee Valley Kennel Club and the Oak Ridge Kennel Club are presenting the: Great Smoky Mountain Cluster of Dog Shows. The event will be held at Chilhowee Park, Knoxville, TN, November 3 - 6, 2011 - a perfect time to enjoy the spectacular fall colors of beautiful east Tennessee.  

The public is invited, but asked not to bring dogs that aren’t entered in the show.  
The shows are free with on-site parking available for $5 daily.

Presented by:
tvkc                  orkc          

TVKC Agility Trial 

December 2 - 4, 2011
in the indoor arena at Harriman, TN 
STD, JWW, T2B all days
FAST Friday and Saturday

We will need volunteers all 3 days.  
People can contact Dawn Darr at darrcar@comcast.net or 584-6553.

Entries Open: Oct. 5        Entries Close:  Nov. 16

Julie Haas' Australian Shepherd,
Mandy, exiting the tunnel at a 
recent trial in Birmingham, AL

Ace Russell and his loyal
Corgi, Harpo, at the February
TVKC Trial in Harriman. 

Beth White's miniature poodle,
Nina, weaving at the Poodle
Club of Las Vegas, NV trial 


Conformation Handling Seminar - The Mid-Kentucky Kennel Club is proud to announce the George Alston in Elizabethtown, KY,  in September for his handling seminar!   Click here to download a flyer for the two day workshop to be held on September 24 and 25. 

Obedience and Rally Seminar - The Mid-Kentucky Kennel Club is also hosting an Obedience and Rally Judges Seminar November 5 & 6, 2011.   Click here to download a flyer for the two day workshop.

OBi Fox TRAINING AND PROBLEM SOLVING FUN DAY!   OBi Fox will give us a short presentation on her knowledge and research about  a dog’s personal space and innate motor response.  The rest of the day we will spend learning how to apply this concept in training/handling and problem solving.  Saturday, October 1, 2011, 9:00am - 5:00pm, A Good Dog's Life, Asheville, NC     www.agooddogslife.com   Additional details

Diane Bauman Advanced Problem-Solving Clinic, 10/29/11 and 10/30/11 9AM to 5PM, GreenBank Pavillion, Greene County Fairgrounds, Greeneville, TN.  By cleverly teaching in a relaxed atmosphere where "mistakes are good," dogs and humans learn by making decisions that are either rewarded or ignored. The end result are students (canine and human) that truly understand what they are doing and are happy, comfortable and enthusiastic about performing.  Additional details


GCH CH Ascot Bailey Walk the Line Scruff was brought out of retirement
to earn his Grand Championship title. 
It was so much fun obtaining this special title in 2 1/2 shows. 
He loves to show and makes it easy on me as the handler!  Deborah Bailey

Submit your news, brags, photos, or stories to include in next month's newsletter.

Beth White
Tennessee Valley Kennel Club
Corresponding Secretary | Webmaster 

Stay tuned with the latest club news by routinely checking tvkc.org


Tennessee Valley Kennel Club,  P.O. Box 2051,  Knoxville, Tennessee  37901-2051