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OBi Fox will give us a short presentation on her knowledge and research about  a dog’s personal space and innate motor response.  The rest of the day we will spend learning how to apply this concept in training/handling and problem solving.  
Does your dog have a personal space?  How large is it?   How does it affect his behavior and training?? Are you messing him up
with what you’re doing?   The knowledge OBi shares with you will change the way you look at training and handling your dog. DATE:    
       Saturday, October 1, 2011, 9:00am - 5:00 pm, A Good Dog's Life, Asheville, NC     www.agooddogslife.com

WORKING TEAMS:    $85 with your dog [limited spots] AUDIT:  $35 [limited space]
CONTACT:   Gail Hubbard     gail@agooddogslife.com
REGISTRATION:  Please mail a 50% deposit if you are interested in attending. Add your name, phone #, and email address.
Mail it to:    AGDL c/o OBi, PO Box 5167, Asheville, NC 28813
I will send you confirmation as soon as I get it. Enrollment form attached.

DOGS:   No reactive dogs, please. If you have any questions, please contact Gail.

ABOUT OBi FOX:   For 30 years, OBi has been a dog trainer, dog behavior consultant and researcher with an interest in the fight/flight/freeze phenomenon as it applies to dogs. Sometimes controversial, and always enlightening, her work on the role motor system plays in behavior draws from the fields of animal science, classical ethology, behaviorism, radical behaviorism (ABA) and recent findings in the neurophysiology of movement. She was acknowledged for her contribution of the correlations between the classical concepts of fixed action patterns and flight zones with the current findings in a 10-year overview paper published in The Journal of Neuropsychology in 2006. She lives in Colorado Springs, CO.

Diane Bauman Advanced Problem-Solving Clinic

Date: 10/29/11 and 10/30/11 9AM to 5PM

Place: GreenBank Pavillion, Greene County Fairgrounds, Greeneville, TN

Cost: $110 per day for working spots

Limited to 7 working spots per day - Unlimited auditing spots

About Diane

Diane was one of the first trainers to put into print in her first book (Beyond Basic Dog Training 1st edition Howell Book House l986) that dogs could think and solve problems. She continues to believe that dogs learn by trial and error and that good training necessitates allowing a dog " the right to be wrong" so he can learn from his mistakes.

Diane's style of working with dogs and people encourages both to let go of the fear of making mistakes and embrace learning. "When a dog figures something out" she says, "he will remember it forever." "I never met a dog that needed to practice getting into the garbage so he wouldn't forget it!"

By cleverly teaching in a relaxed atmosphere where "mistakes are good," dogs and humans learn by making decisions that are either rewarded or ignored. The end result are students (canine and human) that truly understand what they are doing and are happy, comfortable and enthusiastic about performing.

Diane’s Accomplishments:

• Achieved 16 perfect scores of 200 in obedience on four different breeds (Golden, Belgian Tervuren, Keeshond and Pomeranian)
• Trained the first AM, Can, OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion – the highest AKC Obedience Award), TD (Tracking Dog) Keeshond in the history of the breed
• Trained OTCH Pomeranian (Rescued from a shelter at the age of six)
• Trained the first OTCH, UDX (Utility Dog Excellent – the newest high AKC Obedience Award) Pekingese in the history of the breed (Rescued from an animal shelter at 10 months)
• Four OTCH’s (Golden Retriever, Keeshond, Pomeranian and Pekingese)
• Five Tracking Titles (Golden, Keeshond, Papillon and Cocker Spaniel, Icelandic Sheepdog) Trained the first Icelandic Sheepdog in history to earn a tracking degree from the AKC.
• Put Breed Championships on two Keeshonden
• Placed fourth in Open and second in Utility with a Pekingese at the Gaines/Cycle Eastern Regionals
• Won the Canadian Centennial Obedience competition with a Keeshond.
• First AKC Master Agility Excellent (MX, MXJ) Afghan in the history of the breed.
• Another MX, MXJ Afghan Hound under the age of 2!

$50 per day for auditing spots

• Third Master Agility Champion (MACH) of any breed in the history of Agility with a Cocker Spaniel.
• Member of the AKC World Agility Team 1998, 1999 and 2000, winning gold and silver medals with a Black American Cocker Spaniel.
• MACH 4 on a rescued Border Collie. Top Herding Dog in US in JWW Agility for 2004.
• Put the first herding title on an Icelandic Sheepdog in the U.S. and Canada. Now with a second herding title.
• Appeared on Animal Planet Dogs 101 for Afghan Hounds
• Placed 6th at the 2009 AKC Eukanuba Agility Invitational with an Afghan Hound.

Each of the working teams will have a 45 minute private lesson. You can watch all the lessons for the day. Auditors can watch all the lessons for the day.

An obedience ring will be set up with gates on one side inside the GreenBank pavilion. Aftereach lesson is complete, Diane will answer questions about the lesson from auditors and working participants.

For more information, please contact Robin Clark, 513-374-9539 or robin.clark@adp.com

***** PLEASE NOTE: Working spots are limited. No limit on auditors. Full payment must be mailed with the registration to hold your spot. Checks will not be held.  

CLINIC REGISTRATION (circle choices for each day)

Working Spot Saturday Sunday $110/day
Auditing Spot Saturday Sunday $50/day






Breed of Dog ___________________________

Age of Dog _____________

Current Titles on Dog _____________________________________________

Topic for lesson ________________________________________________

I will not hold Diane Bauman or Robin Clark liable for any loss, damage, or injury to myself or my dog, or my property while attending this event.

Signature (required) _________________________________________________

Amount enclosed: $_________
Make checks payable to Robin Clark, and mail registration with full payment to Robin Clark, 1061

Montague Rd, Park Hills, KY 41011

If you have additional dogs and lesson objectives, please provide more information below.
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