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Subject: New Officers - Tennessee Valley Kennel Club

From: Beth White <knoxtnusa@gmail.com>                                    Date: Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 10:19 PM

To: event-ops@akc.org, jxc@akc.org                                               Cc: Catherine Bell <CBELL0189@aol.com>

Please revise your records for the Tennessee Valley Kennel Club with our updated officers & board members effective immediately.

Thank you,      Beth White,  knoxtnusa@gmail.com,  Corresponding Secretary,   Webmaster http://tvkc.org
Tennessee Valley Kennel Club
Officers 2010 - 2011

President:  Walter Sommerfelt - no change
Email Address:  loracvizsl@aol.com
Home Phone:  865 986-1614
Mobile Phone:  901 355-1271
Address:  145 Columbus Drive
City:  Lenoir City
State/Province:  TN
Zip/Postal Code:  37771
Home Phone:  865 986-1614
Mobile Phone:  901 355-1271

Vice President:  Steve Merritt - no change
Email Address:  baxandhaley@comcast.net
Home Phone:  865 281-8058
Mobile Phone:  
Work Phone:  865 254-8058  
Address:  7604 Karnes Road
City:  Corryton
State/Province:  TN
Zip/Postal Code:  37721

Recording Secretary: Maryellen Kasten - newly elected
email address:smokewynds@earthlink.net 
Address:  PO Box 5647
City:  Sevierville
State/Province:  TN
Zip/Postal Code:  37864-5647

Mobile Phone:  865 256-0339

Corresponding Secretary: Beth White - newly elected
email address: knoxtnusa@gmail.com
address:1922 Whitehall Street
City: Maryville
State/Province: 37803
phone number(s):  865-983-0663

Treasurer: Jean Dinkins - no change
Email Address:  mjdinkins@tva.gov
Home Phone:  865 977-7150
Mobile Phone:  865 207-6816
Address:  154 Winddrift Way
City:  Walland
State/Province:  TN
Zip/Postal Code:  37886
AKC Delegate / Board Member: Catherine Bell - newly elected
Email Address:  cbell0189@aol.com
Home Phone:  865 690-6667
Address:  8405 Badgett Road
City:  Knoxville
State/Province:  TN
Zip/Postal Code:  37919

Board Member: Robin Brown - newly elected
Email Address:  devereuxwhippets@hotmail.com
Home Phone:  865 983-3454
Mobile Phone:  865 776-1456
Address:  3920 Riverbend Dr
City:  Louisville
State/Province:  TN
Zip/Postal Code:  37777

Board Member: Keith Bailey - newly elected
Email Address:  bayleighwterrier@comcast.net
Home Phone:  865 544-7090
Mobile Phone:  406-544-6881
Address:  4145 Forest Glen Drive
City:  Knoxville
State/Province:  TN
Zip/Postal Code:  37919

Board Member: Bernadine Luketich - newly elected
Email Address:  r.luketich@yahoo.com
Home Phone:  815-757-3982
Mobile Phone:  815-757-3982
Address:  3740 Chilly Springs Rd
City:  Maryville
State/Province:  TN
Zip/Postal Code:  37803
Board Member: Barbara Price - no change
Email Address:  kbirish1@bellsouth.net
Home Phone:  865 693-6518
Mobile Phone:  865 250-7240
Address:  9017 Price Lane
City:  Knoxville
State/Province:  TN
Zip/Postal Code:  37922

Board Member: Paula Smiddy - no change
Email Address:  smiddy1234@bellsouth.net
Home Phone:  865 932-2134
Mobile Phone:  865 740-4947
Address:  1625 Graves Road
City:  Strawberry Plains
State/Province:  TN
Zip/Postal Code:  37871

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