Bernadine Lucktick

Catherine Bell

Karen Clausing

Paula Smiddy

Barbara Price

DruAnn Martin

Beth White


Office:     Board Member
Nominee: Bernadine Luketich

Bernadine and Rich retired to Tennessee in June 2009 and a priority was to become members of The Tennessee Valley Kennel Club so they could continue to support, and share in the sport of dogs and meet and work with other dog people in the area. It was a pleasure for them to work and meet other members at the TVKC Fall All Breed Shows and the recent Agility Trials.  

Bernadine has been involved in Shelties since 1989 in both Breed and Obedience.  Last year they finished 2 AKC Conformation Champions. She has been active in The Rockford-Freeport IL. K.C. (A Member Club) for 20 years holding positions as President, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Board Member, Show Chair (wearing many committee hats on the way), Match Chair, Obedience Chair, Public Relations and Education Coordinator.  She is also a Member of the Chicagoland Shetland Sheepdog Club serving positions as Corresponding Secretary, Auditor, Board Member, Show Chair, Public Relations and Education Coordinator.  As a Member of The Parent Sheltie Club, American Shetland Sheepdog Association, she is presently a Tennessee Breeder Referral Contact.  She served for the Nationals as the Local Hospitality Chair and Local Treasurer.     "I am honored to be nominated for the Board.  There are so many good people in this club.  I look forward to supporting the club's goals in what ever capacity I can."     

Office:     AKC Delegate / Board Member 
Nominee:  Catherine Bell

  • Lifetime member of TVKC - Joined July 3, 1981. 

  • Served as member of the Board of Directors for many years.

  • Served as Delegate for 14 years.

  • Served as Show chair for a total of 18 years

  • Served on the Smoky Mountain Cluster Committee Served on every committee of TVKC during my time as a member.

  • Approved judge for AKC, Working Group and Hound Group, plus three Toys

  •  Have judged Internationally

  • Served 13 years on AKC/Canine Health Foundation, eleven years as 2nd VP

  •  Served on Delegates Health Committee, (elected by peers)

  • Served as Chair of Nominating Committee for Board of Directors at AKC;  second time as a committee member.

  • Member of Akita Club of America

  • Served as Show chair for  12 years.

  • Wrote rules for Top Twenty for ACA

  • Was voted by peers to judge at the Akita National Specialty two different times.

  • Served on Judges Education for Akita Club of America

  • Served on Board of Directors  Akita Club of America

  • Member of East Tennessee Judges Study Group

  • Member of American Dog Show Judges  

  • Presented articles to “Perspective” for publication (delegates Newsletter) Member of Morris and Essex Club

  • Instrumental in helping to form the Great Smoky Mountain Cluster , serving on committee at present

"My role as a delegate will be to serve the membership of TVKC.  This is a very important responsibility and one to be taken very seriously as a member club’s voting power that can be exercised only through its delegate."
"Attending meetings is part of the role that must be carried out without fail.  Discussing any proposed amendments with the club in order to be sure you understand the basic consensus."
"The channel of communication between the AKC and the fancy is the delegate.  Keeping members of the club informed on pending issues, AKC actions and new policies.  Delegates vote to approve all changes to the AKC Constitution and By –laws and to the Rules with in the rule books that apply to registration, dog shows and field trials.  Understanding the constitution and rules is the most important responsibility that a delegate must possess.  If elected I intend to run for one of the delegates committees to have even more sources for information."
"Knowing and meeting with the Board and staff is key to making things work for our club-TVKC.  Attending the Delegates committee meetings, much information can be gathered to bring back to the club."
"I want out club to be one of the clubs that will set examples for other clubs to follow.  AKC awards these clubs who have out standing  projects for education for the public and the fancy.  I am retired and have time to dedicate to this very important part of our club.  If  elected I will serve the members of TVKC with dignity, honesty and faithfully.

Office:     AKC Delegate / Board Member 
Nominee:  Karen Clausing

"I have always owned and loved dogs.  My husband, Garry and I became involved with dog shows soon after graduating from college.  We already had an AKC registered Miniature Schnauzer, so since it was AKC, of course I felt it was show quality. We would go miles to see a dog show, then decided that since we were going anyway, we may as well get something we could show.  It didn’t work out that smoothly, but that launched us into the world that we have been a part for nearly forty years."

"We bred champion Giant Schnauzers, Miniature Schnauzers and Miniature Pinschers.  We found it necessary to use a handler for the Schnauzers, but the Min Pins we could show ourselves and had a really good time with them.  We have had specialty wins with all three breeds as well as group wins and several owner handled group placements and BISS and sweepstakes wins. I have put CDX titles on Schnauzers, and our first Giant, handled mostly by Garry was the top obedience Giant in the U.S. at  that time."

"With the growing up of our family and loss of our closest family members we decided upon a change and left the tornado lands of Kansas for the beautiful mountains of Tennessee, where we reside today and joined the Tennessee Valley Kennel Club.  We have enjoyed our contact with the TVKC."

"It has been such a great honor to represent the Tennessee Valley Kennel Club as its Delegate this past eight years.  It is amazing what I have learned about the AKC and its makeup and some of it sometimes is very perplexing. I can continue to promise to do whatever may be requested by my club.  My job has been to represent the Club as AKC  liaison, and in voting the club’s position, and never for any personal agenda.  When traveling I search the web for the most economical travel plans and have even driven in order to save the club money.  I have always attended committee meetings, usually several each meeting, in order to get a feel of what is going on.  Members can get the official meeting report from the AKC web site, but they won’t get the inside news that I supply them in quick order from those other meetings."      

  • Member of three parent clubs, the Giant Schnauzer Club of America, the American Miniature Schnauzer Club and the Miniature Pinscher Club of America, and am a Breed Mentor for the Min Pin.

  • Active all breed club member, first as a charter member of the Bartlesville Kennel Club, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  ("We drove 80 miles twice a week in those days, and sometimes three times a week to be active in the club.  That did not include weekend shows.  Our sons were good junior handlers and competed in open.")

  • Bred over thirty champions, mostly owner handled.

  • Breeder, owner, handler  

  • Bred over 30 plus champions and several obedience titles.  Most were owner handled.  

  • Steward, Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Rally.  Continued interest herding events, hunting events, lure coursing.  Attended educational and seminars.

  • Experienced in teaching Conformation, Obedience and Junior Handlers  

  • Arranged seminars for clubs.    

  • Membership: GSCA, AMSC. MPCA, BKC, TVKC,          

  • Show Chairman:  BKC, TVKC, National Specialty Miniature Pinscher Club; Cluster committee, Secretary, Tulsa Oklahoma shows; Cluster committee Tennessee Valley

  • AKC approved Judge  (6534) association memberships in ETJSG, and two other judge groups  

  • Approved Club Breed Mentor Miniature Pinscher Club  

  • AKC Delegate  

  • Continually learning and open to new ideas.  

  • Submitted and had published selections and articles that I was asked to submit for magazines and selections for breed books.

  • Our kennel, Giminhof, is mentioned in several of the histories and bloodlines of well known dogs.  

  • Other activities:

    • Former teacher, groomer and boarding kennel operator.

    • Former member of a City council with the charge of researching the local history for a book about the local history of that city and contributed much research to its development.  In honor, I was presented with a leather bound, engraved copy, which I treasure, even if it isn’t a dog book.

    • Former  PTA City Council Board of Directors   

    • Current member Friends of Kodak Library  

  • Current dog ownership:    Still have a kennel of retired and beloved Min Pins, a lovely whippet, and a very funny and smart Australian Shepherd.---Will NEVER be without a dog.             

Office:     Board Member 
Nominee:  Paula Smiddy

My name is Paula Smiddy, and I am a member running for the Board of Directors.  I have served on the board for 3 or 4 of the 8 years that I have been a member of TVKC.  I am the present Vendor Chair for the 3rd consecutive year, and I am also the Sunshine Committee of one and have served on that position for several years.  I am  presently on the Smoky Mountain Cluster committee.  I was Trophy Chair for 1 year when we had the Cluster shows at the Expo Center on Clinton Highway.  I volunteer to help whenever I can at Obedience and Agility trials and have loved seeing all of the different breeds in various competition.   

I own Norwich Terriers and have shown 3 to their championships.  I joined TVKC to meet other people that loved their breeds as much as I do my Norwich.  Two of my dogs are in the HABIT program and Briscoe, a Norwich that I owned several years ago was aslo in the HABIT program before he went to his new home in Memphis. I groom and show my own dogs as well as more than 25 terriers at my home.   

I am honored to be nominated again to be on the Board of Directors for TVKC and will do my best to serve the club to the best of my ability. 

Office:     Board Member 
Barbara Price

I have been a member of the TVKC for 14 years and have been showing Kerry Blue Terriers in Conformation for for about 15 years.  I have finished or helped my new Kerry owners to finish 12 of our offspring.  I have helped most of my new puppy people learn how to groom and show their own dogs.  I have been an active member of TVKC and a Board Member up until this year;  when I had to stop showing my dogs and have not been able to attend many meetings due to the illness of my Mother.  She became very ill with Cancer and had to move in with Roger and I, and just recently passed.  I miss her very much, but am ready to get involved again.       

I have served as Vice President, Secretary for several years, Secretary of our Smokey Mountain Cluster Club for several years, Board member for several years and have served on numerous Committees, also I have served as Show Chairman and Chairman of the Puppy Matches several times.  I have served as Chairman or the Nominating Committee, the Judges Selection Committee and numerous other committees.        

I am an active member of the Unites States Kerry Blue Terrier Club, the Greater Pittsburgh Kerry Blue Terrier Club, the Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Central Florida and a member and the membership chair for the Northern Ohio Kerry Blue Terrier Club.  I am also an active member of the Chamber of Commerce of Jefferson City.       

I am honored to have been nominated again for the Board of Directors.  If elected I will be proud to support our club in anyway possible.  I think our club and our show this year has the opportunity to being the best ever.  I want to be a part of making it the BEST!

Office:     Board Member 
DruAnn B. Martin

I I am a life member of TVKC and have served the club on various committees, the longest one being our Breeder Referral.  We started this committee back in the early 90s as a way for the general public to find reputable breeders.  I have enjoyed it over the years, and have "educated" many to avoid the pitfalls of purchasing a purebred from less than scrupulous breeders.  

I have also been a spokesperson in the local media when dog related issues have arisen. The latest being when a pitbull ban was proposed for City of Dandridge.  The outpouring of good information caused those city leaders to withdraw the proposed ban.

Other TVKC positions held in the past were:  Board member, Recording Secretary, Trophy chair, By laws committee, Public Education Coordinator, AKC Canine Ambassador.

My involvement in dogs began in 1974 when my mother purchased a Shetland Sheepdog and took me to our first dog show in Anderson, Indiana.  I re-entered the dog show world in 1986 with Alaskan Malamutes.  I have bred or raised over 25 champion Alaskan Malamutes.    Dog of my breeding program  hold titles in obedience, rally, agility, weight pulling, backpacking and dog sledding.   They have been the foundation of kennels in Australia, Canada, and Spain.  My dogs have been in the top 20, and won Best in Specialty shows, as well as a Best In Show in Madrid Spain.

I have held position as Training director and Board member with Oak Ridge Kennel club in years past and I have served on my parent club's board.  I currently manage the monthly Newsletter for the Alaskan Malamute Club of America.  I have chaired their National Specialty in 2006 that I held the week after our Fall show in Knoxville, and drew a very large Alaskan Malamute entry for our show.  

I am an AMCA approved ringside mentor for the AMCA Judges Education Committee, Have been a Board member, served on the Code of Ethics Committee, and Breeders Education.

I have owned a successful dog grooming business since 1988, and recently moved into Mobile grooming  I was Tennessee's 3rd National Certified Master Groomer.

I am thrilled with the direction TVKC is moving with the reformation of the Smoky Mountain Cluster!!  What a wonderful accomplishment for the members that approached Oak Ridge Kennel Club!!!!  I feel the club members that put that together have really worked hard, and for the club's benefit.  These are the type of leaders we need in this club, progressive and pro-active.  I hope I can join them on the Board of Directors.

I hope you will support me in the upcoming election.

Office:        Corresponding Secretary
Nominee:    Beth White

Beth White is a new member of TVKC joining last October.  She is recently retired from Alcoa, Inc. where she worked for almost 30 years (in Tennessee and Brazil) as a chemical engineer specializing in metallurgy, quality systems, and process control.  

Beth has updated the TVKC web site and is a champion for communications and information sharing.  She has also implemented a new system for maintaining club member contact information and on-line dues management.  She hosts a TVKC Facebook group to facilitate club communications and to recruit new members.

Beth enjoys hiking, cycling, camping, fishing, gardening, international traveling, socializing with other dog lovers, and introducing children to dogs and dog training.  She is co-organizer of the MeetUp.com Knoxville/Maryville Social People and Dogs group.  Beth has a 17 month old, silver, miniature poodle -"Nina".  They plan to start competing in agility in June.