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RaditicDonna M. Raditic, DVM, CVA
Veterinary Advisor
University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine Integrative Medicine Service

Dr. Donna’s specialty and passion is the healing power of good nutrition. She has a Bachelor of Science degree with honors and distinction with a specialty in animal nutrition from Cornell University.  Her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine is also from Cornell University. 

She has Post Graduate Education and Certification from Tuft’s University Veterinary College in Chinese and Western Herbology.  She practices veterinary chiropractic care after completing the program at Colorado State Veterinary College. 

Dr. Donna is certified in veterinary acupuncture and is a member of the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society, the American Holistic Veterinary Medicine Association, and the American Association of Veterinary Acupuncturists. She is currently doing integrative medicine at the University of Tennessee Veterinary College.

Dr. Donna is also finishing a veterinary specialist program in clinical nutrition with the American College of Veterinary Nutritionists. She does both referral nutrition consultations and integrative medicine and can be reached at draditic@utk.edu or phone 865 755 8222.

Veterinary Integrative Medicine 

  • Conventional Medicine is evaluating a patient using physical examination, medical history, laboratory testing, imaging, or other tests to determine the “Diagnosis”.

  • Holistic Medicine is evaluating a patient in its entirety with consideration of all past and present health issues to determine the “The Big Picture”.

  • Integrative Medicine is the combination of conventional and holistic medicine to determine a Diagnosis, The Big Picture, or ideally Both.   

Alternative Treatments Available through the Integrative Medicine Service: 

  • Chiropractic Care addresses your pet’s bones, muscles and soft tissue to optimized mobility, performance, and health. I often like to design home programs for owners. 

  • Acupuncture is sometimes used in conjunction with chiropractic care. It stimulates the nerves and blood supply to the musculoskeletal system.  It can also be used for internal organ disease. 

  • Supplements have shown many wonderful benefits for overall health and specific disease. My goal is to provide a logical supplement plan that uses safe products from known companies. This economically sound practice uses products specifically selected for your pet.

  • Herbal Therapies of Western or Chinese origin are used as treatments for various illnesses.  These herbs can be safely and effectively used in conjunction with conventional medicine programs or alone to treat specific diseases.

  • Nutrition is important in the health of any pet. It is so satisfying to watch your dog or cat’s health improve with proper diet.  Evaluate your current diet with my seven questions to ask the manufacturer of your pet’s diet.

When to consider integrative medicine: The hallmark is chronic diseases.

  • Osteoarthritis- acupuncture, chiropractic, supplements, herbals, diet

  • Chronic skin disease- supplements, diet, herbal therapies

  • Chronic gastrointestinal diseases- diet, herbal therapies, chiropractic disease

  • Urology (renal and bladder diseases) - diet, supplements, herbal therapies, acupuncture

  • Cardiac disease- herbal therapies

  • Respiratory Diseases- herbal therapies, chiropractic

  • Immune mediated diseases-herbal therapies

  • Cancer- supplements, herbal therapies, diet, acupuncture

  • All geriatrics can benefit from integrative medicine

Integrative medicine in the younger, healthy pet:  Consideration is preventative medicine.

  • Diets and supplements for my new puppy or kitten

  • Treating any early problems and expect cures Vaccinations programs: puppy and kitten vaccination programs

  • What vaccinations does my pet need? 

  • What is a vaccine titer and what does it mean?

  • Flea, and tick program: what products should I be using?

  • Special programs for special breeds

Questions for a Pet Food Company:    

  1. Do you have a Veterinary Nutritionist or some equivalent on staff in your company?  Are they available for consultation or questions?

  2. Who formulated your diets?  What are his/her credentials?

  3. Which of your diet(s) is AAFCO Feed Trial tested?  Which diet(s) have been AAFCO Nutritional Analyzed? 

  4. What specific quality control measures do you use to assure the consistency and quality of your product line?

  5. Where are your diets produced and manufactured?  Can this plant be visited?

  6. Can you provide a complete product nutrient analysis of your best selling canine and feline pet food including digestibility values?

  7. Can you give me the caloric content per can or cup?


  • American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association: www.AHVMA.org

  • American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture:

  •  International Veterinary Acupuncture Society: www.ivas.org

  • Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association: www.VBMA.org

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