Nominations for TVKC club officers 2010-2011 are ready for review.  The nominees have the month of March to accept or decline their nomination.  The floor is open during our April meeting for nominations.  The election takes place at our May meeting, and the new officers take office at the June meeting.

From: Steve Merritt

Date: Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 8:37 PM

Subject: Nominations

I would like to thank the nominating committee for all their work in coming together to put together the nominations for officers for the 2010-2011 and the results are as follows
President: Walter Sommerfelt
Vice President: Steve Merritt
Treasurer: Jean Dinkins
Corresponding Secretary: Elizabeth White
Recording Secretary: Debra Bailey
Delegate: Catherine Bell
Board Members: Robin Brown, Keith Bailey, Paula Smiddy, Bernadine Luketich, Barbara Price
Please remember that just because your name is on this list you are not guaranteed to be elected and also if your name is not on the list and you wish to be considered for an office you need to be sure and attend the April meeting to make any desired nominations that you may have from the floor remember these are only recommendations based on  thought and input from the committee. All of the candidates listed have been contacted in some way and have agreed to accept their nomination.
Thanks to all,
Steve Merritt
Nominating Committee Chairman