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General Membership Meeting minutes - May 2012

MAY 21, 2013

Program: The program that preceded the meeting was club members divided into 4 separate groups that were asked to create a BREED STANDARD for 4 identical stuffed toy dogs. Each group was given a toy dog and the history of that breed along with listing of the points of a standard. The standards that were created were similar but radically different in some areas.


Call to Order: The TVKC general meeting was called to order by President Walter Sommerfelt at 7:50 PM in the Animal Emergency Center’s conference room on Kingston Pike, Knoxville TN.


Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as published on the club’s web site.


Corresponding Secretary – 3 letters were received - from UT for scholarship donations totaling $10000.  There were also thank you notes from each of the scholarship recipients Caroline Cofer and Laura Burgette


Treasurer Jean Dinkins reported income of $760, disbursements of $62.06 for a checking account balance of $30,461.03 plus a money market balance of $37, 859.05 for a total of $68,320.08. The club dues are DUE BY JUNE 1.


AKC Delegate Judy Hart asked for directions on the changes to the Irish Setter Field Trials and was told to follow the preferences of that parent club. She told members that the June Delegates meeting would be discussing a restriction on former AKC employees being AKC delegates.




Membership - Janice Carter and David Robinson were elected into membership. 



Show Chairs Carol Sommerfelt and Pat Hodges said plans were moving forward as anticipated.

               Trophies - Cheryl Kienast reported that all of the promised donations have been paid up


Agility – no report


Conformation Training – new site discussions are continuing with UT Vet School.


Meet the Breeds - Gene Price reported the event is proceeding well.    


Awards Picnic – Barbara Byrum passed a sheet around for members to indicate what side dish they were bringing to Dead Horse Park. Wally reminded members to be sure they had signed up for their awards.


Programs – an AKC rep has been asked to come and help us conduct a mock Event Committee hearing in the summer or early fall. We will invite other area clubs to attend so all could learn how to properly conduct a hearing.  Members were able to give Wally and Barbra Price several ideas for future programs.



Wally announced that for personal reasons Pat Hodges had to withdraw from the slate. On a MOTION by Judy Hart / second by Cheryl Kienast the members directed the secretary cast a unanimous vote for the slate of officers and directors for 2013-2014. Those elected to office for 2013-2014 were President - Walter Sommerfelt: Vice President - Barbara Price: Corresponding Secretary - Jeff Banta: Recording Secretary - Neena Van Camp: Treasurer - Jean Dinkins Board of Directors Keith Bailey: Catherine Bell: Barbara Byrum, Paula Smiddy, Pam Stanner, and Beth White.





On a motion BY Barbara Byrum / second by Keith Bailey the members directed that TVKC donate $500 to AKC’s CAR Fund or to www.okcDogs.org for the benefit of dogs harmed/displaced by the recent Oklahoma tornados.


Jean Dinkins asked for club direction on some coverage parts of the club’s insurance policy. On a motion by Judy Hart / second by Cheryl Kienast the membership directed that Jean go with the higher value of coverage limits our policy.


Brags were made by members Janice Carter, Richella Veatch, Carol Sommerfelt, Judy Hart, Cheryl Kienast, Keith Bailey, Wally Sommerfelt and Gene Price.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:24 PM.


Respectfully submitted,   Neena Van Camp, Rec. Secretary


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