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June 15, 2010 


President Walter Sommerfelt called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m., ESDST. The meeting was held in the Sequoyah Room of the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.

Present: President Sommerfelt, Corresponding Secretary White, Recording Secretary Kasten, Treasurer Dinkins, and AKC Delegate Elect Bell; Board Members Keith Bailey, Robin Brown, Bernadine Luketich and Barbara Price; Members Texas Eddie Dulaney, Mike and Judy Morman, Ruby Valentine, Doug Horn, Carol Sommerfelt, Harlowe and Anne Jahelka, Dawn Darr, Axel and Jeannie Weber Ringe, Dave Nutzell and DruAnne Martin.  (22)

The Minutes of the May 18, 2010, were read. Motion by Jean Dinkins, seconded by Keith Bailey, motion passed unanimously.   Board of Director Minutes from the June 10, 2010, meeting was read as amended.

President’s Report: The AKC Delegate Meeting Minutes are posted, but no mention of TVKC’s question was posted. Not sure if TVKC’s Delegate attended the meeting. There will be a Steward Training Program (Agility, Conformation and Obedience) held at the Oak Ridge Kennel Club on July 12, 2010, at 6:30 p.m., pot luck supper will be served. Conformation class will be held in August, September, and October leading up to the fall Cluster Shows. “B” Classes will be held at ORKC in August and early September. After the Tennessee Valley Fair in mid September the remaining classes will be held at Chilhowee Park. Basic Obedience classes will also be offered after the Tennessee Valley Fair at the Chilhowee Sheep Barn. All collected funds will be deposited to the Cluster Bank Account.

Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Beth asked that members check out the web site. She reminded members to send her their brags for posting.

Treasurer’s Report: Jean reported checking account balance as $20,984.96, money market account $37,553.99 for a total balance of $58,538.95. The March 2010 Agility Trial has been amended to include new expenses for equipment rental ($2,698.69) which was not reported previously, (Income - $17,210.00 [no change], Expenses - $18,615.10 for a Net Loss of $1,405.10.)

AKC Delegate Report: Current AKC Delegate absent, no report.

Committee Reports:

  • Cluster: The next meeting will be June 21, 2010.

  • Show: There is a Judge’s change for all four shows. Notification has been received from AKC that changes have been approved as submitted.

  • Judges Selection: Chairwoman Carol Summerfelt explained that James Reynolds had signed a Judge’s Contract with the Marietta Shows on July 2008 and signed TVKC’s Judge’s Contract on October 2008. Because these shows are less than 200 miles apart, he could not judge both shows which are one week apart.

  • Trophy: Carol will accept last minute trophy donation tonight.

  • Agility: Dawn reminded everyone that the fall trial dates are September 10, 11, and 12. A volunteer sign up sheet was passed around for volunteers. Friday and Saturday’s shows will start at 9:00 a.m. Sunday’s show will start at 8:00 a.m. Volunteers are also needed for Thursday and Sunday for Judges (pickup and return to the airport.)

  • Obedience: No report.

  • Membership: Barbara had nothing to report.

  • Legislative: No report

  • Training: No report

  • Programs: July’s Guest Speaker Blake Valentine of Pet Safe will be discussing the new dog park.

Club Awards:

  • Walter reported the AKC’s Sportsmanship Award is awarded to Texas Eddie Dulaney.

  • Jeannie awarded the following Plates:

    • Darr & Journey - Master Agility Champion & Agility Fast Excellent

    • Anderson - Lincairn Coming Up Roses - Champion Lincairn Red Hot Chili - Champion

    • K. Bailey - Shaireab’s Bayleigh Look At Me - Champion Bayleigh Shaireab’s Return To Sender - Champion

  • Jeannie awarded the following Single Plaque:

    • Luketich - Birchwood’s Evr N Dirk Blu Genes - Champion

    • Luketich - Carlyle Wyoming Outlaw - Champion

    • Smiddy - Shorttales the Secret of the Mansion of K-town - Champion

  • Jeannie awarded the following Plaque (8 plates):

    •  Sommerfelt - Lorac Southern Charm, JH - Champion

    • Gervin - Hardwood’s Catcher of Dreams - Rally Novice, CGC, Rally Advance

    • Crittenden - Blackbirch Sunshine Pen N Ink

Unfinished Business: 2011 Judges Selection Committee - Keith Bailey, Catherine Bell, Jean Dinkins, Barbara Price and Carol Sommerfelt.

New Business: Mike Morman commented that since TVKC donated $5,000 to the University of Tennessee Veterinary Scholarship Award it might be good publicity leading up to our fall shows. Also mentioned was the possibility of doing some form of presentation at the fall shows.

Brags: K. Bailey, Darr, Dulaney and Price all had brags to report, congratulations to all.

There being no further business, a motion by Bell, seconded by K. Bailey for adjournment, motion passed unanimously.   Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m., ESDST. Respectfully submitted:

Maryellen Kasten, Recording Secretary TVKC

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