July 6, 2006

The President, Phyllis Fortune, called meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Recording Secretary called the roll.

Sign-in Sheet was passed to those attending. President verified that there was a quorum at the meeting.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved as amended with spelling corrections.

Report by the President of the Board Meeting:

Phyllis reported that the Board agreed to change the date of the November meeting from 11/2/2006 to 11/9/2006 because many members will be at the show site working and a person from the AKC Canine Health Foundation can make a presentation on this date.

Board decided to purchase a generator from Pep Boys for $250 dollars to be auctioned off at the fall show as a fund-raiser.

Board formed a new Standing Committee to handle Rally. Carol Stone was appointed the chairperson of this committee.

At Larry Stogner's suggestion, the Board approved a "rent a ring" to work dogs after the obedience trial on Saturday in the fall as a fund-raiser.

Phyllis reported that the Ad Hoc Committee formed to speak with Dr. Brace, has not been able to coordinate a meeting. Dr. Brace is out of town until July 18th. Phyllis suggested that the members look back on the Bylaws at the objectives of the Club are which are in the interest of pure bred dogs. The purpose of the club is to promote pure breed dogs. The committee will meet with Dr. Brace and bring back information to the membership.

A sheet was passed by the Judges Selection Committee for the members to select a maximum of three judges that they wish to recommend to the committee for consideration.

Report of the Corresponding Secretary:

Eddie Dulaney stated that he received a thank you letter from UT for the Scholarship donation made in January, 2006.

He received a letter from AKC requesting nominations for the Life Time Achievement Awards. Names were placed up on the Board to be voted on by the membership.

Conformation: Louis Auslander, 7; Damara Bolte, 12; Jane K. Forsyth, 2.

Companion Events: Wes Cartwright, 0; Lynn Eggers, 4; Marion Mason Hodessen, 9.

Performance Events: Kenneth Martine, 9; Mario Palumbo, 1; Carl Ruffalo, 1.

Eddie will complete the ballot and send it to AKC.

Eddie received a questionnaire from the AKC requesting past information about the club's archives to be submitted by July 21, 2006. This requires that he have access to the club's past records. Phyllis suggested Eddie contact Grant and Linda, who have the key to the storage facility, which is where all the club's records are kept.

Report of the Treasurer:

Report was distributed to the members and given by Jean Dinkins, Treasurer.

Motion was made by Carol Stone to file the Treasurer's report.

Seconded by Paula Smiddy.

Motion Carried. Report filed for audit and made a part of the minutes.

Report of the AKC Delegate:

Karen Clausing stated that she emailed her report on the delegates meeting minutes to the membership and had a few copies for anyone who has not received the report. She stated that the AKC reported that they are in good financial condition even though registrations are down. Financial condition is due to good investments, licensing, merchandising and sponsorships. They have added Staff Members. Karen stated that the proposed amendment is related to changes in the rules applying to judges who are also AKC Delegates being allowed to charge fees plus expenses failed with a vote of 136 to 159. Proposed Nominating Committee changes went back to Committee.

In September, Karen stated there would be a number of rules that will come up at the meeting. Some are related to field trials, Conflict of Interest ruling for events and AKC Delegates. There was discussion on the ILP breeds competing that do not look like the breeds are supposed to and they will be looking into the matter.

Next Delegates Meeting is in Newark, New Jersey.

Motion made by Barbara Williams to send Karen to the September Delegates Meeting.

Seconded by Nancye Davis

Motion carried.


Performance Committee:

Larry Stogner, Committee Chair, reported that the trials were very successful with many compliments. Larry thanked everyone for helping to make the event successful.

Phyllis announced that Carmen Battaglia, President of AKC Companion Events, attended the Trials and was very complimentary. Tom Masterson, AKC Field Representative, also attended and said he was very impressed and gave a very good report.

Judges Selection Committee:

Cathy Ryan, Committee Chair, reported that the committee met on 6/15th, and all members were present. One all rounder Judge has been contacted and sent a contract. Another meeting is scheduled for 7/20th. The committee is also going to work on developing working rules and standardizing the contract. It was suggested that when contacting judges, if they are not available for the 2007 shows, to find out their availability for the next year or two.

Public Education Committee:

Phyllis asked Pat Hartman if anything has been planned for the Responsible Dog Ownership Day. Pat Hartman said that nothing has been planned as yet. Jan stated that she has contacted Roane County Schools' Superintendent but it was too late to get into the classroom. She invited them to the Agility Trials in September. Jan said we might be able to get into the schools a few weeks before the trials to present information. Pat Hartman, Committee Chair, reported that she can get the educational materials from AKC for the Agility Trials in September, but will not be able to be there due to medical problems. Nancy Davis said she could be there each day to assist. It was indicated that the club should locate the Club and the AKC Banners to be put up during the trials.

Nancye Davis introduced Sandy Smith as a guest attending the meeting. She has Chinese Pugs and completed an application for membership. The membership welcomed Sandy.

Election of New Members:

Judi Crawford has attended three meetings and had a second reading. Judi has Irish Terriers. Eddie read her application information. Judi was asked to leave the room while the membership voted on her membership.

Motion made by Jean Dinkins to suspend the rules.

Seconded by Larry Stogner.

Motion carried.

Vote was taken. None opposed. Judi was welcomed by the club as a new member.

Eddie Dulaney said he received a voice mail from Will Stone. He will Chair the Match Show at the fall shows and needs judges for
Working, Non Sporting and Miscellaneous breeds. He left a contact number with Eddie.

Jeanne Ringe stated that she has received an email regarding breed specific legislation that is being considered in Putnam County.

Jean Dinkins announced that club dues are due.

Gary Clausing stated that there will be ice cream at the next meeting and members are welcome to bring toppings.

Pat Hartman stated that she has heard that there has been a problem with an outbreak of Parvo in the area.

Jan Schmidt presented the second half of her presentation related to the Canine Health Foundation Seminar.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine T. Ryan

TVKC Recording Secretary

cc: Eddie Dulaney

TVKC Corresponding Secretary

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