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JULY 10, 2010 (Pending Approval)


President Walter Sommerfelt called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m., ESDST.  The meeting was held in the Sequoyah Room of the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine.


President Walter Sommerfelt, Vice President Steve Merritt, Corresponding Secretary Beth White, Recording Secretary Maryellen Kasten, Treasurer Jean Dinkins, and AKC Delegate Elect Catherine Bell.  Board Members: Robin Brown, Bernadine Luketich, Barbara Price and Paula Smiddy.


Board Member Keith Bailey.


Motion by Catherine Bell to approve minutes as read was seconded by Steve Merritt, motion passed unanimously.


President Sommerfelt reported that the Cluster met on July 12, 2010, after the Steward’s Training Classes held at ORKC.  There was a good turn out.  “B” Matches were confirmed for August 18 at ORKC, September 15 and October 13 at Chilhowee Park.  The ORKC has expressed an interest in holding a joint Christmas Party for the first Saturday in December in Oak Ridge.  This will be discussed with the full membership later.  The Cluster has received a Contract from Purina in the amount of $11,000, $3,000 in cash, the remainder in exhibitors’ prizes (i.e., dog food, towels, bags, etc.)


Need to vote on AKC Achievement awards. Will discuss during general membership meeting.


Treasurer Dinkins reported TVKC’s Checking Account Balance as June 2010 is $20,977.25, Money Market Account as of May 11, 2010, is $37,569.12 for a total of $58,546.37.  The March Agility Trial has been amended to include new expenses for equipment rental ($2,698.69) which was not reported previously, (Income - $17,210.00 [no change], Expenses - $18,615.10 for a Net Loss of $1,405.10.)


Chilhowee Park Midway will not be available to the Cluster on Sunday for Lure Coursing Demonstrations due to the “Toys for Tots” Campaign kick-off day being held at this site for the last nineteen years.  The general consensus was that the Cluster could incorporate this into the Premium List as bring a toy on Sunday and receive free parking for the day.  This will be checked into with the City and the Toys for Tots organization and will be discussed with the full membership for ideas.  Robin Brown reported that this will not be a conflict with the Lure Coursing Demonstrations.  Demonstrations will be held on Saturday only.


Show Chair Bell reported further on the Purina Contract.  The Cluster will provide Purina with a 40-foot booth space.  Other dog food vendors are allowed but will not be allowed a larger presence than Purina.  Since she is the one that contacted Purina, the contract has been sent to her.  If she signs the contract, she will need to send Purina the Club’s Federal ID Number.  Motion was made by Paula Smiddy, seconded by Bernadine Luketich to allow Bell to sign the Purina Contract, motion passed unanimously.  Also, discussed was purchasing a current AKC Judges’ Book.  Motion by Catherine Bell, seconded by Barbara Price to purchase two AKC Judges’ Books at a cost of $25.00 each.  Motion passed unanimously.


Equipment for the “B” Matches will be shared between ORKC and TVKC.  Catherine, Bernadine and Wally will meet at the storage shed on July 22, 2010, at 2:00 p.m. to check out equipment, supplies, etc. for the upcoming “B” Matches.  Jean asked if they would take an inventory of equipment to up date the Club’s Inventory List.  Catherine stated that she had already placed an order for single ribbons.  Motion was made by Steve Merritt, seconded by Robin Brown to purchase additional single ribbons for six matches, motion passed unanimously.


Budget and Audit Committee Chair Bernadine Luketich reported the committee met on July 1, 2010, to audit books from June 2009 through May 2010.  All members were present with Treasurer Dinkins.  The Committee found the Club records to be in exceptional order with no discrepancies.  Jean Dinkins does a valuable service for the Club and is to be commended on her knowledge of the Club’s finances and the Club’s practices and procedures.  The Committee makes two recommendations to insure access is available in the event of a conflict or an emergency, (1) The TVKC Webmaster keeps the Treasurer informed of all passwords required for the Club’s website, (2) Mail Box - at the present, the Treasurer has the only key.  In addition to this key, a second key should be held by the Corresponding Secretary or other designated club member.  Motion was made by Bernadine Luketich, seconded by Catherine Bell to approve Jean Dinkins as the second club member to have website passwords, motion passed unanimously.  Motion by Catherine Bell, seconded by Steve Merritt to issue a second set of keys (storage van and mailbox) to the Corresponding Secretary, motional passed unanimously.




The “TVKC’s Life Time Membership” recognition will be discussed at a future date.


Barbara Price reported that she had contacted West Town Mall concerning the possibility of having a “Meet the Breed” for public education.  The charge to use the mall is $500.00.  This will be discussed later.


There being no further business, a motion by Catherine Bell, seconded by Bernadine Luketich to adjourn, motion passed unanimously. Motion adjourned at 6:59 p.m., ESDST.

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