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June 10, 2010 Amended/Approved June 15, 2010

Call to Order: The first Board of Directors’ Meeting for 2010-2011 was a dinner meeting held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sommerfelt.  President Walter Sommerfelt called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m., ESDST.                

Present: President Walter Sommerfelt, Recording Secretary Maryellen Kasten, Treasurer Jean Dinkins, and AKC Delegate Elect Catherine Bell.  Board Members: Robin Brown, Keith Bailey, Paula Smiddy and Barbara Price.

Absent: Vice President Steve Merritt, Corresponding  Secretary Beth White, and Board Member Bernadine Luketich.

Minutes: Motion to approve May 18, 2010, Board minutes were amended to add Barbara Price’s name as those in attendance, motion by Catherine Bell, seconded by Paula Smiddy, motion passed unanimously.  

AKC Delegate Report: A letter to AKC has been sent on the new AKC Delegate.

Treasurer  Report:  Jean Dinkins reported TVKC’s treasury as of June 10, 2010, as $58,538.95.  The March 2010 Agility Trial netted $1,293.59. (Income $17,210.00 - Expenses $15,916.41)  

Special Invited Guest: 

TVKC’s Agility Chairwoman Dawn Darr was asked to advise the Board on how the club could help her build the agility membership, volunteers, and draw the general public’s interests into becoming involve. 

Chairwoman Darr explained the ins and outs of holding an Agility Trial (Judges Fees, Equipment Rental, Runs, expenses, etc.)  She asks that the Agility Committee would like to amend Agility Fees to allow females in-season (with a vet letter) a refund. TVKC will keep $5.00 per run that the dog was entered refunding the rest.  This is in accordance with other agility trials.  Motion to approve the refund was made by Catherine Bell, seconded by Jean Dinkins, motion passed unanimously. 

Dawn reminded everybody that the Fall Show dates are September 10,  11, and 12, 2010.

President Sommerfelt thanked Chairman Darr for coming and briefing the Board’s general agility questions.

Steward Training Program:   Confirmation, Obedience and  Agility training will be held at Oak Ridge on July 12, 2010.  This will be a potluck supper.  

Cluster: The next Cluster meeting will be held on June 21, 2010.

Committee Chairmen for 2011 were appointed as follows:                 

Show Chairwoman - Catherine Bell

Obedience Chairman - Open   

Agility Chairwoman - Dawn Darr,  Beth White (will be asked to serve on this Committee)

Awards Chairman - Jean Ringe (will be asked to serve again)

Legislative Chairwoman - Keith Bailey

Trophy Chairwoman - Carol Sommerfelt, Maryellen Kasten

Membership Chairwoman - Barbara Price

Conformation Classes:  There would be no charge for club members.  The general public will be charge $5 per class.  Ideas of where to hold classes included Chilhowee Park, Market Square Mall area, and the new Pet Safe Building on Kingston Pike.  Further discussion will follow.

Chip Clinic: AKC Delegate Elect Bell reported that AKC will be holding a Chip Clinic again this year at the Cluster Shows.

Life Time Members:  Paula Smiddy made a motion, seconded by Barbara Price that Life Time Members be recognized, motion passed unanimously.  Further discussion will follow.

Stationary: AKC Delegate Elect Bell asked about TVKC stationary, envelopes, and note cards.  Catherine Bell made a motion, seconded by Keith Bailey that 250 note cards are purchased, motion passed unanimously.  

Bylaws: Consideration for reviewing Bylaws was tabled.

Community Activity: AKC Delegate Elect Bel reported that AKC will give AKC Clubs $1,000 for holding a community activity.  Suggestions included, Meet the Breeds, CGC, Puppy Stars, etc.  Locations being considered are Market Square Mall Area, Westtown Mall, The Knoxville Center and maybe the Maryville Mall.  Paula Smiddy and Barbara Price volunteered to check into this and report back to the Board.

American Flag: AKC Delegate Elect Bell stated that TVKC needed its own American Flag.  Kasten will donate a flag.

Fun Matches or “B” Matches:  Recommendation is that “B” Matches be held once a month leading up to the Fall Cluster Shows (August, September and October).  All funds collected will go into the Cluster Treasury.  AKC Delegate Elect Bell will check on Chilhowee Park’s availability and report back to the Board.

Contracts: Treasurer Dinkins expressed concerns on TVKC’s contracts in general.  A motion was made by Jean Dinkins, seconded by Catherine Bell that all TVKC Contracts are reviewed and be incorporated as part of the Standing Rules, motion passed unanimously.  Committee volunteers to review contracts and make recommendations were Jean Dinkins, Catherine Bell, and Carol Sommerfelt.  

Adjournment: There being no further business, a motion for adjournment by Catherine Bell, seconded by Jean Dinkins, motion passed  unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:20 p.m.    

Respectfully submitted by:    

Maryellen Kasten

TVKC Recording Secretary

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