February  16,  2010  

Meeting was called to order by President Walter Sommerfelt at 6:05 pm in the Sequoyah Room at University Vet. school.

Board members present;  Nan Anderson, Deborah Bailey, Keith Bailey, Jean Dinkins, Phyllis Fortune, Steve Merritt, Paula Smiddy and Walter Sommerfelt. AKC Delegate Karen Clausing present. 

Members absent; Eddie Dulaney and Barbara Price.  

Minutes from board meeting January 12, 2010 presented. Motion by Nan Anderson to approve minutes from last meeting. seconded and approved.  
  • President requests that visitors get 10 day notice of upcoming meeting.

  • He reports we have been invited by ORKC to a potluck supper/mixer on Feb. 27th at 5:30 pm At the OR training facility and hopes everyone can attend. 

  • Reports that Dawn Darr would like to know if mixed breed will be included in the fall cluster?   Motion by Phyllis Fortune to include mixed breed competition in fall cluster agility. seconded and approved.

  • Dawn requests volunteers still needed for March agility trials.

AKC Delegate Karen Clausing reports:

  • After checking with airlines on fare for upcoming March Delegate meeting in N.J, that she will probably be driving to meeting due to airline fares had doubled.  She states she will continue to check on fares in upcoming weeks prior to meeting

  • March meeting is for Board of Directors election. .Board by unanimous vote recommended AKC Delegate to cast vote for Board of Directors as follows; Garvin, Newman and Battaglia.

  • Also up for vote at delegates meeting is Board of Directors to keep term limits.  Board unanimous vote recommend keeping AKC Board of Directors term limits in place.  

Treasurer Jean Dinkins report attached;

  • Jean reports research of cluster being incorporated and  pros/con of being a 501 c 3 organization.  

Committee reports:

  • Phyllis Fortune obedience chairman reports she met with obedience people and all working together.  Also states for agility trials that 5 members have to be present each day for event.  

  • Steve Merritt reports he will be meeting with nominating committee.    

  • Show vet on call/attendance at cluster:  Motion by Phyllis Fortune to possibly swap booth space charge for vet. to be on call/attendance at cluster. seconded and approved.  Paula Smiddy volunteered to contact vets with proposal and will report back to board.  

  • New business-awards need to be turned in to Jeanne Ringe for 2009 titles, asap.

Old business:  Insurance for cluster.   Motion made by Nan Anderson to increase liability insurance from 1-2 million to 2-4 million coverage when premium is renewed.  Seconded and approved.  

Next month's program arranged by Nan Anderson: Red Cross to present Canine CPR and first aide. Motion by Steve Merritt for donation of 100.00 to Red Cross. seconded and approved.  

Motion by Steve Merritt for meeting to adjourn. seconded and approved. Meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm.

 Deborah Bailey,   Recording Secretary