January 12, 2010
Board meeting was called to order at 6:35pm by president Walter Sommerfelt at the home of Keith Bailey-4145 Forest Glen Drive Knoxville Tn.  Board members in attendance-Nan Anderson, Deborah Bailey, Keith Bailey, Phyllis Fortune, Steve Merritt, Barbara Price, Paula Smiddy and Walter Sommerfelt.  Catherine Bell - show chairman , invited to board meeting to give report on Cluster progress. Board members absent- Jean Dinkins, Eddie Dulaney, and AKC Delegate Karen Clausing.
Minutes read from Board meeting of December 15, 2009 with minutes approved as read by motion from Nan Anderson. seconded and approved.
No report from Corresponding secretary (Eddie Dulaney absent)
No treasurer report (Jean Dinkins absent)
No AKC Delegate report(Karen Clausing absent)

Committee Reports:  Representative Nan Anderson gave report of show committee meeting with TVKC and ORKC. Highlights of meeting: 
    • Discussion of Mission Statement, Discussion of Cluster name,  Dates of Cluster: November 3, 2010 for specialties, Nov. 4 & 6, 2010 will be TVKC days of the cluster with ORKC having Nov. 5 and 7th with clubs alternating each year.  Purina has pledged 3500.00 for the 2010 cluster. 

    • Discussion of TVKC and ORKC for sharing events such as performance at Harriman Tn. site.  

    • Financial-both clubs have agreed to putting 2000.00 each in for seed money in separate accounts for upcoming events with Jean Dinkins being treasurer. 

    • Local sponsors to be explored (exp. Pilot, UT ect)

    • Guideline criteria attached for hiring judges for events.

    • Explore being a 501 C3 non profit with possibly proceeds going to charities.

    • Both clubs will help with specialties on Wednesday.

    • Both clubs have agreed to Doing Meet the Breeds.

    • Advertising in the Knoxville paper for meet the breeds times.

    • Explore donations from Pepsi, Coke ect.

    • Jamie McDonald will help Paula Smiddy with the vendors-with vendor charge of 350.00 per 10x10 area. Explore decreasing ring size to allow more vendor space and have vendors outside also.

    • Both clubs have agreed to the canine experience.

    • American Foxhound club has committed to the year 2012.

    • Lure coarsing and flyball  ect. will have their own people to do demonstration or competition for our club members will have others responsibilities to do.

      Goal is to educate public and have fun things and a variety of things to do at the event.

      Discussed the vet clinics at the show(eye/heart)-clubs have decided not to have at  the event unless UT vet. school students would like to hold with proceeds going to the school.

    • Linda Pitts has volunteered to do a dinner with proceeds going to charity (exp. like Take the Lead ect)

    • Art T-Shirt competition for the children to get involved.

    • Offer night handling classes for adults.

    • Offer special classes such as Puppy  and BBE  group competitions, but found veteran classes not feasible to the club.

    •  With groups being 30 mins. prior to specific groups each day with no special trophies, just ribbons or rosettes.

    • Both clubs will meet each month for further work on the cluster. 

    • Both clubs have agreed on using MB-F for superintendent due to more cost effective for clubs. 

    • Both clubs have agreed to do the 1/2 page ad in front of catalog for members that have acquired a title in the previous calendar year with member paying  $10.00 to place ad with clubs absorbing rest of cost. 

    • Entry fees possibly $30.00 for entries with $25.00 for puppy and BBE, with $22.00 for additional entries and  $15.00 for juniors and $10.00 for their additional entries, with possibly last day of junior events draw for a scholarship for a junior.

    •  Explore  developing a flyer for our event. 

    • Allow the parking of both cars and motorhomes to be done by Chilhowee staff as in the past.

    • Both clubs agreed on Pottery for prizes. 

    • Workers of the club for event will get possibly Cox bucks to be spent at the concessions to be explored further.

Motion by Nan Anderson for board to select judges selection committee for the cluster for obedience and rally. seconded and passed.
Board appointed Phyllis Fortune to be obedience chairman for the cluster.
Motion by Phyllis Fortune made to add to membership application - sponsoring member to sign to attest new applicant, if applicant not sponsored by a member then new applicant will allow two TVKC members a home visit.  seconded and approved.
Board appointed Steve Merritt as nomination chairman (5 members to be from members and one from board) members nominated- Carol Sommerfelt, Roberto Jimenez, Bernadine Luketich, Elizabeth White. with alternates Richard Bohanan, Grant Howard and Ruby Valentine.
Program for February-Walter Sommerfelt
Program for March-Nan Anderson
Motion by Phyllis Fortune to replace 8 chairs that where taken from show site.  Seconded and passed.
Thank you to Keith for allowing the board meeting to meet at her home.  Thank you to Catherine Bell for joining us in our meeting with cluster updates/reports.
New Business: Continue to explore and work on our upcoming cluster.
Motion by Phyllis Fortune to adjourn meeting. seconded and approved.  Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm.

Deborah Bailey, Recording Secretary