Elyan Bluefox Rules of Magic
Winning her second major at the ago of 8 months
The Spartanburg Kennel Club on May 28th.  

Kash (A Dog Named Sioux - The darker dog) and Aero (Vibe's Dream On - the gray one) in Kingsport/Gray TN earning their BCAT suffix titles. Aero is currently 1st place for fastest speed for Siberian Huskies in the nation! We are so proud of this Junior Handler and her family!
Smooth Collie
Hollicove Mystique
5pt major at her first set of shows
Fletcher, North Carolina
at 6 mos and 5 days of age

Smooth Collie
 Hollicove Got’er Blue Genes on eon
5pt major at the
Fletcher, North Carolina
her third show @ 8 Year’s of age

Smooth Collie
Hollicove Pickup Man (Joe)
2 - 5pt majors 
Fletcher, North Carolina
 at 6 months 3 & 5 days of age