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we need you
Volunteer Night at the TVKC 
Learn Somthing New and Have Fun Doing It!

Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018
 7 p.m.
Animal Emergency, Critical Care & Referral Center 

We will be seeking volunteers to help at our upcoming dog shows, FAST CAT, Obedience and Rally events for Nov. 2, 3, and 4. We have all sorts of volunteer positions to be filled. Jobs range from super-easy “leash runner,” to pairing up with a seasoned ring steward to learn about their job.
*Light refreshments will be provided.
Visitors are ALWAYS welcome at TVKC Meetings.


The board will meet at 6 P.M.

***No Dogs Please***

smoky mountain

Nov. 2

Obedience trial

Rally Trial

East Tennessee Collie Club – 2 specialties (am & pm)

Fast CAT

CGC Testing

Trick Dog Testing




Nov. 3

All Breed Conformation Dog Show

Obedience Trial

Rally Trial

Supported Entry of Mini-Dachshund Club

Supported Entry of American Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club with Sweepstakes

Concurrent Specialty of East Tennessee Collie Club + Supported Entry during all breed show

Supported Entry Smoky Mountain Bulldog Club

Fast CAT

CGC Testing

Trick Dog Testing

COLLAGE Premium List
***Closes October 16th and Noon***
Chilhowee Park
3301 East Magnolia Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37914

* Be advised *
No online entries for FAST CAT
Fast CAT Premium

Nov. 4

All Breed Conformation Dog Show

Obedience Trial

Rally Trail

Supported Entry Min-Dachshund Club

Supported Entry East Tennessee Collie Club

Supported Entry Smoky Mountain Bulldog Club

Fast CAT

CGC Testing

Trick Dog Testing



Meet the Breedsbreeds
 How much does he eat?
Does he need room to run?
Is he good with chidlren?


The TVKC is proud to offer the opportunity for you to meet and pet your dream dog. Breed experts will be there to answer your important questions.

Saturday Nov. 3


agility Now open
Agility Trials

 East Tennessee Agricultural Exposition Center 276 Patton Lane, Harriman, TN 37748

AKC Sanctioned “B” Matches – Friday & Saturday!

Attn: TVKC Members
Now reserving time and space for 
"Meet the Breeds"
Erin Lonas

Send photo and a description (including the registered name) with your most recent brag to TVKC Brags
*AKC only*

If you have forgotten the password, click here

Virginia Tech: Veterinary College Receives Fellowship Grant to Fund Advanced Training Program in Reproduction

“My interest in canine reproduction started in veterinary school where I began showing my Australian shepherds and joined my local kennel club. This allowed me to build strong relationships with responsible breeders, and I saw firsthand their commitment to the health and well-being of their beloved breeds. It was their commitment that made me realize that I wanted to help them produce healthier future generations by serving as their veterinarian,” said Helms.

Read all about it in the Canine Chronicle


We are beyone proud of our scholarship recipient, Alyssa Helms!!!

All canine graphics courtesy of AKC.
Tennessee Valley Kennel Club,  P.O. Box 2051,  Knoxville, Tennessee  37901-2051

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