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2015 Club Meeting Schedule - Each Third Tuesday at 7:00 pm

Meeting Locations:  UT= Vet School,  ER= West Knoville ER Clinic 152  Location details

Jan 20 - ER Feb 17 - None Mar 17 - ER Apr 21 - UT May 19 - UT Jun 16 - Hodges
Jul 21 - UT Aug 18 - UT Sep 15 - UT Oct 20 - ER Nov 17 - ER Dec 16 - Party

Program for JUNE:     Annual Awards Picnic  See details below.  Location details     Minutes from previous meetings.

Board Meeting  

The board meeting date and time of the next meeting will be communicated.  Minutes from previous board meetings.


When:    Sunday, May 31  2 - 5 pm  
   9752 Parkside Drive, Knoxville, 37922.
              (Hush Puppy’s is behind the Rural/Metro fire station on Parkside, just a little east                of the Ted Russell Ford dealership.  

Vendors, refreshments, and fun!  Tennessee Valley Kennel Club will have a booth! Contact Beth White if you would like to participate in the fun!


TVKC Annual Awards Picnic Tuesday June 16, 2014   6:30 PM At the home of Pat Hodges, 2100 Queener Road, Loudon, TN 37774 Home: 865-458-0597   Cell: 865-643-2369   Work: 865-458-8017

We will also be holding a Lottery “Fun Match.”  We encourage everyone to bring a dog (at least two months of age and up to date on vaccinations).  Lottery: All numbers will be thrown into a hat. Two numbers will be randomly drawn and those two dogs will compete. Winner of class will move into the next round, losing dog is eliminated. However, the handler of dog losing the class will judge the next class. The process is repeated until only two or three dogs remain. The final class winner will be Best in Match. ONLY ONE DOG PER PERSON WILL BE ALLOWED.

This will be a “Pot Luck” picnic with the club providing meat and beverages.  Please bring your own chairs and feel free to invite a friend (and dog). This should be a fun filled evening for everyone!   

janetTVKC Outstanding sportSmanship recipientaward

 Janet Flaherty was awarded the Outstanding Sportsmanship medallion for 2015.  This award recognizes and celebrates a club member each year who deserves special recognition, who made a difference in the sport of purebred dogs, embodied the AKC Code of Sportsmanship, and have been an active and valued member of an AKC member club.     MORE INFO


Agility Fun Match, Dockdogs, Pet Fair at Village Vet, ASCS Rally, Obedience, Agility and Aussi Conformation.   For a complete compilation of Canine Events in our area...  CLICK HERE

Jennie, Grand Champion Shaireab's Bayleigh Maid of Honor

  • jennieSmokey may be king of Rocky Top, but Knoxville is also home to a four legged queen. Jennie, a Welsh Terrier, has made a name for herself in Kennel Clubs from Knoxville to Westminster.

  • - Jennie has won 43 "Best in Shows" in competitions
      around the country

    - She holds the title of top winning female Welsh
      Terrier of all time
  • - Top Winning Welsh Terrier Bitch of All Time

    -  Bred and owned by Keith Bailey who is a member of the
       Tennessee Valley Kennel Club 

Check out the full story including video from WBIR's "Homegrown" segment featuring Keith and Jennie.

Jennie's Story



Copper, Janis Flaherty's three-year-old English Setter didn’t become a silver champion — one of the top examples of her breed in the United States — by lacking a plan.  Flaherty, a relatively new Dandridge resident who has bred and shown over 50 champions, knew Copper was special when she was only five weeks old. 

Flashy describes the regal carriage of the English Setter in action — but soulful is the look in their chocolate eyes. The breed is old, one of the oldest of gun dogs, with a history stretching back to the Fourteenth Century. The smallest of the four setter breeds, they were bred for hunting birds, but their long feathered coats, which come in two and three colors, also make them attention-getters in the show ring. Flaherty fell in love with the breed at a dog show over 40 years ago. She was working as a prostitute at the time.   For the rest of the story ... CLICK HERE

ninaNina Makes History Again

2014 was a benchmark year for Beth White and her silver poodle, Nina. It was the first year that miniature poodles were allowed to participate in AKC Hunt Tests.  Nina was the second of four minis to pass the Junior Hunter (JH) (Waterfowl retriever) test.  2015 started off with a bang at the Poodle Club of America's national specialty last week.  Nina became the first and only miniature poodle to pass the Upland Working Certificate Excellent (UWCX) for Poodles who excel at upland hunting.  Setting another record, Nina became the first and only miniature poodle to be awarded the Hunting Poodle Certificate Excellent (HPCX) given to Poodles who have earned both a WCX and a UWCX from the Poodle Club of America.   Whole Story

K9 Nose Work Comes to East TN!


Rosana Dropkin has been teaching nose work classes since 2010, when K9 Nose Work was officially introduced to the east coast.  She became a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) in June of 2011 with the first graduating class outside of California.  She was a guest instructor at the nose work camp in GA last year and is the National Score Room Director for NACSW.  She’s been teaching classes and continuing her education via workshops, camps and sanctioned events ever since.


But now Rosana, her husband, their 2 rescue dogs and their cat have moved to Blount County and she is ready to start teaching classes and bring the sport of nose work to East TN.


Intro to Nose Work Session (six 1-hour classes)    - NEW CLASS

  • WHEN:
     Tuesdays, 10 - 11am   on April 28, May 5, 12, 19, 26 & June 2   
  • WHERE: Hush Puppy's K9 Center, 9752 Parkside Dr, Knoxville 
  • HOW MUCH: $121 for 6 weeks.   This special rate includes the first class for FREE! Come check it out, and if you like it, sign up for the remaining 5 classes. Payment is requested at the end of the first class to reserve your spot.
To sign up for either of these classes, fill out our online registration form here: 
Spaces are filled in order of receipt of this form and are limited to 6 dog/handler teams per class. 4 dog/handler teams are needed to start a class.
Visit my web site, ( http://www.sunshinek9s.com/ ) for more information on the classes, prerequisites and directions.  Don't delay and risk losing your spot in class!


Agility & Obedience Classes
Check out
the schedule for our current classes.  Class details, cost, directions, and how to register -->  CLICK HERE
Puppy Kindergarten
Open to all puppies up to six months of age. Learn how to start your pups off on the right paw from the very beginning.   Early training and socialization are the keys for well behaved dogs. Puppy kindergarten teaches pups and their owners, the first important steps to becoming well mannered dogs for many years to come.  Classes will include valuable training tips for puppy owners, such as house training, basic grooming, and practical skills for puppies, including coming when called.   Details and how to register -->  CLICK HERE
Conformation Classes 
This class is designed to prepare you and your dog for the conformation ring.  It is an informal class that meets weekly.  Participation will be on a week-to-week / drop-in basis.  The class may be divided into beginner and advanced levels. This class will include: how to put on the lead, how to present your dog on the table and on the floor, ring etiquette, how to dress for success, how points are won, and how your dog becomes a champion.   
For details --> CLICK HERE

S.T.A.R. PuppyAKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program

We are pleased to announce the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy program starting soon. The class will teach you how to best communicate with your puppy and provide an opportunity for your dog to socialize with other dogs.  You’ll get information on all of your puppy-raising questions including housetraining, chewing, and the most effective way to teach practical skills such as coming when called.  Your instructor will administer the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy test at the end of the course. Upon passing the test, you'll get an application to send to AKC® for enrollment in the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program.  Program benefits include:

  1. AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Medal
  2. Listing in the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy records
  3. Frameable S.T.A.R. certificate
  4. AKC Puppy Handbook
  5. Discount to enroll in AKC Reunite recovery service
  6. Ongoing Monthly "Your AKC" Newsletter

For details --> CLICK HERE


Unstructured training sessions At Hush Puppy's K9 Center. No instructor or course plan. Share time and equipment.   For details --> CLICK HERE


  CLICK HERE for the TVKC Canine Calendar of Upcoming Events.

For a log of previous posts to our web site --> Click Here
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